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Chemistry 111 Lab practical 2


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What are the six common strong acids?
HCl, HI, HBr, HNO3, H2SO4, HClO4
What are the strong basses?
What are the soluble salts?
salts are ionic compounds composedd of cations other than H+ and anions other than OH-
What is a weak base?
interacts with water to yield a limited # of ions
What are compounds that are water soluble but do not dissociate into ions?
What are single replacement reactions?
are reactions in which electrons are transferred from one of the particles to another of the particles
What is another name for a single-replacement reaction?q
oxidation-reduction reactgion
What is the loss of electrons called?
What is the gain of electrons called?
How do you find the total pressure of a gas?
Pressure of the hydrogen collected and the pressure of the water vapor collected
What does the ideal gas law state?
What happens when two ionic solutions are mixed possibly?
a precipitate may form
What is a double replacement reaction involve?
a precipitate
What happens in a double replacement reaction and what is another name for it?
the ions are exchanged but the oxidation states do not change, metathesis reaction
What is an eudiometer?
collects hydrogen gas produced in a gas-collection tube
How do you find the percent yield of a product?
actual yield/theoretical yield, theoretical being max from equation
What is the synthesis reaction used for?
to produce a precipitate of aspirin and determine the purity of the aspirin and how much of the aspirin was actually yielded
What is an acid?
any compound that will donate a hydrogen ion in a chemical reaction
What is a base?
any compound that will accept a hydrogen ion in a chemical reaction
When is an aqueous solution is considered acidic and what solution is considered basic?
acidic-when the H30 ion concentration is greater than the OH ion molarity, and basic when reversed
When does phenolphtalien turn pink?
in a base
What is an acid/base reaction?
when the acid donates a hydrogen ion to the base to yield a product
What is titration used for? and what is it?
it allows to find the amount of either the base or an acid, involves the addition of known conc. to unknown concentration until equiv.
What is the equivalence point?
What is the importance of litmus paper/
blue litmus paper remains blue in basic and red in acidic solution, red litmus remain red in acidic and blue in basic
What is a standard solution?
a known concentration solution

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