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marieb exercise 10, skull anatomy


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what bone is at the front of the skull?
frontal bone
Where is the parietal bone?
top sides of the head
where is the temporal bone?
sides of head, around ear
how many parts of the temoral bone does protiva want us to know?
what's the name of the earhole in the skull?
external auditory meatus of the temporal bone
what's the name of the socket where the mandibular condyle of the mandible rests?
mandibular fossa of the temporal bone
Where's the styloid process?
Bony protrusion from below external auditory meatus of temporal bone
on what major bone is the styloid process?
temporal bone
what's the name of what looks like the continuation of the zygomatic bone, closest to the ear?
zygomatic process of the temporal bone
where's the mastoid process?
sticks out behind ear - of temporal bone
what's name of bony protrusion that sticks out behind ear? what major bone is it a part of?
mastoid process of temporal bone
what are the five parts i need to remember are part of the temporal bone?
external auditory meatus
styloid process
mandibular fossa
mastoid process
zygomatic process
where is the sphenoid?
just front of the temporal bone
how many parts of the sphenoid bone should i know?
what are the parts of the sphenoid that i should know
greater wings, lesser wings, sella turcica and hypophyseal fossa
on what bone are the greater and lesser wings?
sphenoid bone
where are the greater wings?
the bottom of the inside of the sphenoid bone
where are the lesser wings?
the top of the inside of the sphenoid bone
what's the name of the bridge on the inside of the batman bone and what is the batman bone?
sella turcica on the sphenoid bone
what's the name of the dip in the bridge of the batman bone?
hypophyseal fossa in the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone
where is the ethmoid bone?
middle of the frontal bone, looking from below and towards the back of the inside of the orbital sockets
how many parts of the ethmoid bone do i need to know?
4- perpendicular plate
crista galli
cribiform plate
middle and inferior nasal concha
where are the middle and inferior concha?
in the nose, ridges of the ethmoid bone
what are the ridges inside the nasal area?
middle and inferior concha of the ethmoid bone
what's the name of the top part of the divider in the nose?
perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone
what's the name of the dips of the ethmoid bone, as seen from the bottom?
cribiform plate
where is the cribiform plate?
ethmoid bone, seen from the inferior perspective
where are the crista galli?
ethmoid bone, inferior view, ridge
what's the name of the bottom part of the divider in the nose?
vomer bone
where is the occipital bone?
back of the head
what's the name of the hole in the occipital bone?
foramen magnum
what are the names of the bumps below the foramen magnum?
occipital condyles of the occipital bone
how many things do i need to know of the maxilla?
2: alveoli and the palatine process
where are the alveoli and what are they?
on the maxilla bone, basically the gums
where's the palatine process?
hard palate of the maxilla
where's the palatine bone?
soft palate
where's the zygomatic bone?
separate bone at edges of eye
lacrimal bone
bone where the tear ducts are
nasal bone
thing that sticks up on nose
paranasal sinuses
name for sinuses in the face: 4, maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, ethmoid sinuses, and sphenoid sinuses
where are the paranasal sinuses?
maxillary in the cheeks, frontal in the forehead, ethmoid on inside of eye, sphenoid behind ethmoid
how many parts of the mandible do i need to know?
6 parts: body, ramus, mandibular condyle, coronoid process, alveoli, symphysis
what is the body of the mandible?
the lateral part of the mandible
the height of the mandible
mandibular condyle
posterior condyle of mandible
coronoid process
anterior process of mandible
gum of mandible as well as maxilla
chin of mandible
floating bone in throat
how many vertebral parts are there and what are they?
7; vertebral arch, body, vertebral foramen, spinous process, transverse process, superior and inferior articular processes, odontoid process (dens)
vertebral arch
crown on top of vertebrae, looking from above
weight-bearing part of vertebrae
vertebral foramen
big hole where spinal cord goes
spinous process
gives spine look, hangs down below body of vertebrae
transverse process
part that sticks out of vertebrae to connect to ribs
superior and inferior articular processes
parts of vertebrae that connect them to each other
odontoid process (dens)
only on axis; what atlas rotates on
vertebral types
cervical, thoracic and lumbar
how many and what are the parts of the sacrum that i'm supposed to know?
ala, sacral canal, and medial sacral crest
where are the ala?
the wings of the sacrum
where is the sacral canal?
it's the hole for the end of the spinal column in the sacrum
where is the medial sacral crest?
ridge that sticks up on posterior side of sacrum
intervertebral disks
space tween vertebrae
intervertebral foramen
same as transverse foramen; holes at sides of vertebrae
how many and what are the parts of the thorax?
ribs (true, false and floating), costal cartilages, sternum (manubrium, body and xiphoid)
what are the different types of ribs?
true, false and floating
what characterizes true ribs?
they attach directly to the sternum; first 7 ribs
what are false ribs?
ribs do not have their own attachment to the sternum; they use the cartilage of the last true rib to attach
what are floating ribs?
they don't connect at all to the sternum; last 2 ribs
where is costal cartilage?
attaches ribs to the sternum
what are the parts of the sternum?
body, manubrium, xiphoid
where is the manubrium?
top of the sternum

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