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462 Manasse test 3


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what is the dominate biological function of the vocal folds?
to prevent us from chocking
when something goes down the wrong tube it is called?
what is another function of the vocal folds?
to close when lifting heavy objects
what is insidfe the layrinx
the vocal folds
what is the only bone in the larynx
the hyriod bone
What are the names of the two speech sounds?
voiced and voiceless
What is the name of the voice box?
What structure extends from the superior end of the trachea to the hyoid bone?
The larynx includes two types of vocal folds what are there names?
true vocal folds and false vocal folds
What is the process that air goes though in order to make a sound?
air passed up through the vocal folds through the vocal tract and then you can create a sound
what is affected by a persons emotional state?
vocal folds are affected by the persons emotional state
What is the space inside the vocal folds called?
What is the space under the vocal folds called?
what are some of the vocal fold characteristics for Men?
more mass less tension and longer
The length of a man’s vocal folds is roughly?
¾ to 1inch long
What is the typical Hz of a mans vocal fold vibration?
120 Hz
What is the length of a typical woman’s vocal folds?
shorter ½ - ¾ of an inch
A woman’s vocal folds come together at what angle?
What is the normal frequency that a woman vocal cords vibrate at?
220 Hz
What is the normal frequency that a Childs’s vocal cords vibrate at ?
260 Hz
Where does the tongue attach?
anterior to the epiglottis
What is the posterior part of the vocal folds?
Most superior portion of the larynx is the ?
Hyriod bone
The hyoid bone is the Same level as what cervical vertebrae?
3rd cervical vertebrae
What is special to the attachment of the hyriod bone?
Does not directly attach to another bone
What does the hyriod bone attach to?
Attaches to the thyroid cartilage
what is the more medial process?
vocal – more medial
what serves as a attachment point for the vocal folds?
vocal process of the arytenoids
What is theLargest part of the hyoid bone called?
the corpus (body)
The major cornu(a) of the hyiod attaches to the?
to the superior cornu(a) of the thyroid
How many cartilages are there?
9 connected through membranes
what is the space between the cricoids cartilage and the thyroid cartilage called?
the cricotheyriod membrane (cones elaticus)
How does the cricothyroid muscle connect?
connects anterior portion of cricoid of thyroid to the lateral and inferior
Where is the pares recta located?
more medially
where is the pares oblique located?
More lateral
what are the 3 unpaired cartilages?
thyroid, cricoid, epiglottis
what is the largest cartilage?
the thyroid
what cartilage has a larger posterior part and a smaller anterior portion?
what attaches the thyroid to the cricoids?
inferior cornu attaches the thyroid to the cricoid
What is cartilage is directly inferior to the thyroid cartilage?
cricoid is directly inferiror to the
What sits posteriorly to the cricoid cartilage?
aritoids sit in relation to the criucoid cartilage
The cricoids cartilage serves as an attachment for what muscle?
it serves the attachment for the crioaritnoid muscle
What are the 3 paired cartilages?
arytenoids, corniculate, and cuneiform are the 3 __ cartilages
what is the definition of intrinsic?
point of insertion and origin is within a the laryngeal structure
what is the definition of extrinsic?
point of insertion one in laryingeal one not
What sits on the posterior top portion of the cricoids cartilage?
arytenoids sit on the ___ portion of the ___
what is the more lateral possess?
muscular – more lateral
The muscular process is the point of attachment for
? 4 intrinsic muscles
The Muscular process forms the place of attachment for four intrinsic muscles of the?
larynx is the place where the ___ process attaches the __ muscles
the Vocal process serves as the attachment point for the?
vocal folds attach with the ___ process
the Vocal process serves a as an attachment for what ligament?
the vocal ligament attaches to the __ process
The Corniculate is an extension of the?
extension of the arytenoids apex
The arytenoids bumps are more ___?
More medial bumps that are on the _
Cuneiform is ___ the corniculate?
the corniculate is above the___
The cuneiform Adds support for the?
aryepoglotic fold is supported by the
Epiglottis Attaches to the hyoid bone via?
the hyoepiglottic ligament helps to attach the ___ to the hyoid bone
The epiglottis serves what purpose for speech?
no purpose for speech is served by the __
The __ helps to protect the airway form foreign objects?
the epiglottis’s main purpose is to ___
What makes a tube like structure?
Membranes and ligaments make a __
___ Connect the laryngeal cartilages and adjacent structures to make a tube like space?
the membrains and cartilages connect ___ structures to make a ___ like space?
The membranes make a tube like space with adjustable ____?
constriction is what the __ like ___ can do because it is created by __
what are the Extrinsic membranes/ligaments?
thyrohyoid membrane. Hyoepiglottic ligament, and thyroepiglotic ligament
the Thyrohyoid membrane attaches ___ cartilage to the __ ?
Throid cartilage to the hyoid bone is attached by the ___ membrane
___ Goes all the way around from the hyoid bone to the thyroid cartilage?
thyrohyoid membrane goes from the __ to the __
___ stretches across the space between the greater/major cornu of the hytoid bone and the latter portion of the thyroid cartilage?
the thyohyoid membrane stretches across the ____ conu of the ___ to the ___ portion of the ___ cartilage
Hyoepiglottic ligament attaches the?
corpus attaches to the epiglottis via the __
thyroepiglottic ligament attaches the __ to the ___?
the thyroid is attaches to the epiglottis via the ___ ligament
the inferior portion of the epiglottis attaches to the ___ portion of the thyroid just bellow the ____?
the ___ portion of the epiglottis attaches the inner portion of the ____just bellow the thyroid notch
What attachment is very close to the vocal fold attachment?
the thyroepiglottic attachment os very close to where the ___ attachment is
The cricotracheal membrain serves as the attachment point for?
the trachea to the cricoids are attached by what membrane
What are the Intrinsic membranes/ ligaments?
fibroelastic membrane, aryepiglotic folds, quadrangular membrane, conus elastic, vocal ligament
FIBROELASTIC MEMBRANE is a sheet that nearly covers all of the ___?
the larynx is nearly all the way covered by a ___ membrane
Superior portion of the fibroelastic membrane includes?
aryepiglotic folds and quadrangular membrane make up the __ portion of the ____ membrane
Aryepiglotic folds have a ___ slant to them?
a downward slant is one of the main characteristics of the ____ folds
___ Goes all the way to the aritnoids?
the aryepiglotic folds go all the way to the ___
Connective tissue that runs from the _____ to the ___ and then downward is the ___?
The quadrangular membranes is ______ that runs _____ from the epaglotis to aritnoids toward the thyroid
What connective tissue does not really attach to anything at the bottom __?
the quadrangular membranes attach to what at the bottom
What makes up the false vocal folds two words?
Its free margin is what makes the false vocal folds
Another name for the false vocal folds is the?
ventricular vocal folds is another name for what
What is superior to the true vocal folds?
the false vocal folds are directly ___ to the true vocal folds
What makes up the Inferior portion of the fibroelastic membrane?
conus elasticus, vocal ligament make up the __ portion of the ___ membrane
Conus elasticus is also known as the?
___ Is also known as the cricothyriod membrane
Upper free edge of the ___ fold over like the quadrangular membranes ?
the conus elasticus folds over like the ____ membrains
where are the true vocal folds?
the conus elasticus is home to the ___ vocal folds
the Vocal ligament is the __ layers of the true vocal folds?
The inner layers of the ___ make up the true vocal folds (tvf)
They TVF look like what in appearance?
Yellow elastic tissue is what the __ look like
__ serves as the anterior attachment point for the thyroid cartilage?
the vocal ligament serves as a attachment point for the __ cartilage
The vocal ligament attaches Posteriorly to the?
vocal process of the arytenoids attaches posteriorly to the __
Between the true and false vocal folds there is a space it is called
? The ventricle is the space between the __ and the __
The __ comes down to protect our airway?
Epiglottis comes down to__
Quadrangular membranes are ___ to the aryepiglotic fold?
Inferior to the aryepiglotic fold are the ____ membrans

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