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Chemistry 111 Exam 3 review


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What is pressure?
What is force?
mass x acceleration
What is area?
pie x r squared
What is the definition of pressure?
the force of collision of gaseous particles with a surface per unit area
what is the si unit for force?
newton=kg m s-2
what is the si unit for pressure?
pascal=1 Pa=1 N/m2=kg m/ s^2/m^2
What is atmospheric pressure?
defined as the pressure exerted by the earth's atmosphere
What is standard atmospheric pressure?
(1 atm)-pressure that supports a column of mercury exactly = to 760 mm
how many mmHg, torr, and Pascals do one atmosphere =?
760 mmHg, 760 torr, and 101.325 Pa
What is a barometer?
a device used for measuring atmospheric pressure
What is a manometer?
a device used to measure the pressure of gases other than the atmosphere
What is a closed and open manometer?
closed manometer-used to measure pressures below atmospheric pressure, open-used to meausre
What is boyle's law?
What is Charles' and Gay-Lussac's laws?
V1 = V2
-- --
T1 T2
What is the general gas law?
P1V1 = P2V2
---- ----
T1 T2
What is avogadro's law?
dependence of volume on # of moles at constant T and P
What is the law of combining volumes?
in a chemical reaction at the same T and P, the volume ratio of gases is equal to the mole ratio
What is the definition of boyle's law?
pressure of a fixed amount of gas at a constant T is inversely proportional to the volume of gas
What is the definition of the Charles's and Gay-Lussac's laws?
volume of a fixed amount of gas at a constant P is directly proportional to the absolute T or the gas
What is an hypothetical gas?
a hypothetical gas, whose pressure-volume temp. behavior is completely accounted for by the ideal gas equation
What is an ideal gas?
no forces between atoms, neglect volume of individual atoms in comparison to volume of container, the chemical identity of gas is unimportant in describing its behavior, all gases are created equal
What does the # of moles = to?
mass/Molar Mass
What is the formula for Molar mass?
What is partial pressure?
pressure of individual components in a mixture
What is Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures?
the total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert if it were present alone
What is the formula for partial pressure?
Pi= n1 RT
What is the total pressure formula?
Pt=the sum of the partial pressures
What is the definition of a mole fraction?
a dimensionless number that expresses the ratio of the # of moles of one component to the # of moles of all components present
What is the formula for mole fraction?
What is the formula for partial pressures?
What is the formula for gas collected over water?
Pt=Pi + Ph20
Does water vapor increase or decrease with temperature?
increase with increased temp.
What is the Kinetic Molecular theory of gases?
a theory developed by Boltzman and Maxwell to explain the physical properties of gases in terms of their molecular motion.
What is the formula for kinteic energy?
energy of motion, KE=1/2 mu^2
What are the units of J for kinetic energy?
J=1 kg m^2 s^-2
What is the average kinetic energy of a molecule formula?
__ ____
KE= 1/2mu^2
What is the formula for the average kinetic energy per mole?
____ ___
KEmol = 1/2 Mu^2
How does temperature relate to the average kinetic energy for an ideal gas?
they are directly proportionate
what does the average kinetic energy per mole depend on?and what is the formula?
temperature, __
KEmol=3/2 RT
What is the relationship of the mean square speed to the temperature and the molar mass, M?
u^2= 3 RT

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