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What is another name for the Unification church?
The Moonies
Who founded the Unification church?
Sun Muyng Moon
Where was the Unification church founded?
South Korea
What book is the basis of Unification church? how wrote it?
Divine Prinicipal, Sun Muyng Moon
How many members are there of Unification church?
3 million
What is the Unification church famous for?
Their mass weddings
What 3 historical events does the religion pivot on?
creation, fall, restoration
What common christian belief do the moonie's reject?
the holy trinity
What gender do they say the holy spirit is? what state is the holy spirit?
female, energy
How did mankind fall?
Eve had an affair with Lucifer
Whose teachings is the Ba'hau faith based on?
Where was Bahai faith found?
How many members are there of Bahai?
5 mil
Bahá'u'lláh's teachings focus on the establishment of what?
the spiritual unity of humanity
Who prepared the way for the missions of Bahá'u'lláh?
The Báb
What is the holy book of the Bahais?
What is Ridván?
The 12-day holy period that commermorates Bahá'u'lláh's declaration of his mission
what is Hare Krishna's central devotional activity?
What are the 4 no-no's of Hare Krishna?
No gamblion, intoxication, sex outside of marriage, eating of meat/slaughter of animals
What do hare krishnas call public spreading of literature, proselytizing, and chanting?
What writings do Hare Krishnas follow?
THe Prabhupada writings LIKE the Bhagavad Gite and Krishna vols
Who do Hare Krishnas believe all Gods are a representation of?
What are Hare Krishna's two big, imp doctrines?
nonviolence and vegetarianism
What do Hare Krishnas believe about hell?
it's temporary and only for REALLY bad people
Why do people not trust Hare Krishnas?
b/c of the bad treatment of kids in Gurukulas
What is the goal state of Scientologists?
What is the state is scientology above clear?
operating thetan
Who founded Scientology?
L Ron Hubbard
What is the most important book of Scientology?
What person's works is Scientology said to be derived from?
In Scientology, the Tone scale measures what?
the mind's mental state and performance
What is a squirrel in scientology?
someone who opposes Scientology?
What is fair game in scientology?
the fact that a scientologist can do anything they want to make the lives of squirrels miserable
In Wicca, what is scrying?
staring at shiny objects to reveal things
what is clairvoyance in Wicca?
to see objects or events not perceived by the senses
What is a coven in Wicca?
a group of witches how perform rites together
What gender is prodominate in Wicca?
Who began to revive Wicca in UK?
Doreen Valiente
Who is the founder of modern Wicca?
Gerald Gardner
When was Wicca most popular?
the 1960s
Where do Wiccas practice their religion?
the internet
What is the symbol of Wicca?
a star pointing downward
What is the threefold law in Wicca?
anything you do will come back to you three times
Do WIccans believe in good and evil?
Give some reasons why Wicca is popular?
supports feminism and environment, there are no doctrine, it explore inner power
Name is Wiccan holiday?
What are Pentecostals known for?
speaking in tongues
What is Pentecostalism based on?
worship and faith
What do Pentecostals believe is the reason why they speak in tongues?
it shows they have been baptized in the spirit
When do Pentecostals believe history will end?
When JC comes again.
What is the real name for the Mormon church?
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Who came to Joseph Smith (Mormon) and told him to establish the true church
The angel Mormony
What did Joseph Smith translate to find the Book of Mormons?
gold plates
What are the sacred texts of mormons?
bible, book of mormon, doctine and covenants, pearll of great price
What are the three kingdoms of heaving in MormonisM?
telestial, terrestial, and celestial
How much do Mormons have to tithe?
10% of income
How many members of Mormon church?
12 million
Where was Snake Handlers started?
cleveland, TN
Why do snake handlers believe what they do?
they say god told them that they should handle snake and it wouldn't hurt them
What religion involves Strychnine?
snake handlers
Where is Cao Dai located?
Who founded Cao Dai?
Ngo Van Chieu
Cao dai is a compliation of what religions?
all religions
Who is Cao Dai's government set up?
like Catholic gov
Who do Caodaist worship?
every one like Jean d'Arc, Buddja, Muhammad, Jesus, etc
What is a popular Caodaist ritual?
What is esoterism in Cao Dai?
that the temple is inside of you. ppl are very disciplined and guide others PRIESTS
What is exoterism in Cao Dai?
devote oneself to practice of CD and no evil. must worship supreme being alot
What are Cao Dai's religious books?
Phap Chanh Truyen (religious constitution and structure), Thanh Ngon Hiep Truyen (divine messages)
Who founded Raelians?
Calude Vorilhon
Where are Raelians prominent?
France, Japan, Canada
What did Rael (founder) write on his experiences with Elohim?
The Final Message
What is Elohim to Raelians?
the aliens who informed Rael of their beliefs
What happens in a Raelian baptism?
one transfers his genetic info to alions b/w 3 and 4 pm
What are two main kinda secular projects of Raelians?
cloning, condoms
Describe Awaking Seminars for Raelians?
aim is to awaken the mind and make ppl question their values and appreciate their life through meditation
What was Raelian symbol?
star of david w/ a swastika in the middle
What should be built in Jerusalem según Raelians?
an embassy to welcom ethe Elohim
Where do Raelians believe ppl will go?
to another planet and create new life
What is god in Christian science?
the universal prinicpal
How does one obtain physical healing in Christian Science?
by prayer alone
Who founded Christian Science?
Mary Baker Eddy
What is important book of Christian Science?
Science and Health with Key to Scriptures
What are Christian Science practicioners?
the people who help others heal through God
Where does one found sermon for Christian Scientists?
The Christian Science Quarterly
What do Christadelphians believe about afterlife?
man is mortal and does not have life after death, but when jesus returns believers will be raised from dead
What two things are required for salvation según Christadelphians?
baptism and belief in gospel
What is Satan to Christadelphiens?
the evil inside people that makes them rebel against God
What is Hell to Christadelphians?
the non-existence after death w/ no CHANCE Of resurrection
How are Christadelphians organized?
no central org, but each ecclesia is independent
What is against the rules for members of Christadelphia to do?
run for political office, vote, or go to war
Who are the leaders of Christadelphians?
male volunteers who act as brethren

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