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Age of Monarchs


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supreme power
absoulute monarch
final authority
absolute monarch
advisors influential
absolute monarch
relationships w/ a church
absolute monarch
divine right( god gave them the right to rule)
absolute monarch
centralized power
absolute monarch
commands army/navy
absolute monarch
hereditary succesion
absolute monarch
protector of the people
absolute monarch
extensive limits on the people's rights
absolute monarch
most powerful leader, yet sshares power with other government branches
limited monarch
established constitution
limited monarch
monarch not above the law
limited monarch
Bill of Rights
limited monarch
Extensive delegation of power
limited monarch
political parties emerge
limited monarch
absolute, yet influencedby the writing of enlightened thinkers/philosophers
enlightened monarchs
considers the welfare of the people
enlightened monarchs
more likely to reform policies/ change
enlightened monarchs
prostantism was started and organized by....
John Calvin
Prostantism was outlawed in the early sixteenth century in France by ....
King HenryII
After King Henry's death conversions multiplied because of the sign of divine favor. To what religion did they convert to?
Charles IX rule was dominated by his mother....
Catherine de Medici
What is the Peace of Amboise and who signed it?
In 1568 it halted the conversion to Prostantism and hardened divisions beteween the rival faiths
What was Catherine de Medici played what role in her son, Francis II, reign?
Catherine de Medici maintained a shaky peace between between factions in the towns and at Court, alowwed Huguenot congregation a limited toleration in January 1562, but Protestants took control after Guises massacre. Then issued Peace of Amboise.
Charles IX hoped to heal the rifts between the Hugenots and Catholics bu the marriage of his sister Margaret to...
Hugento leader Henry of Naverre
After the marriage of Henry and Margaret the Gusises blocked and Hugenot leader Coligny prepared his won invasion in the summer which was stopped by the attempt assassinetion attempt of who?
Carles IX, therefore he ordered a massecre of hugenots which is known as the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre.
A hugenot war was issued by whom and contineud by whom after his death?
issued- Charles IX
contineud- Henry III
Henry of Naverre converted to what religion after Henry III religion?
"Paris is well worth a mass."
Henry IV of Henry of Naverre
Henry IV renounced what religion and then convertred to what?
renounced- Protestantism
converted- Catholic
Who signed the Edict of Nantes?
Henry IV
What does the Edict of Nantes allow Protants to do what...........
gave Protestants Huguenots toleration againist France's Catholics:no dicrimination ag.hug. religion group; hug. could hold office in Hug. towns;Paris is off limits; no Catholic baptisms; riht to attend hug. colleges;hug. must be treated in Hug. hospitals
"My goal is to ensure a chicken in every pot."
Henry IV
issued Edict of Grace
Louis 13
Peasants were heavily taxed
Louis 14
Lavish court at Versilles
Louis 14
"I am the state."
Louis 14
Cardinal Richeleku was my advisor
Louis 13
Revoked the Edict of Nantes
Louis 14
Colbert was the major advisor
Louis 13
Hugenots lost military power over theier towns
Louis 13
The Sun King
Louis 14
Royal officials and an effective administation
Louis 14 and Louis 13
economy was sel- efficient
Louis 13 and Louis 14
Louis 13 and Louis 14 both used what....
hugenot exodus
Louis 14
strong central monarch
Louis 13 and 14
established Fenrch Academy
Louis 13
Marzarin was advisor
Louis 14
divine right to rule
Louis 14
efficient army and desire for expansionto "natural borders"
Louis 14
foreign trade encouraged
Louis 14
Golden Age of French Culture
Louis 14
Hugenot protest and rebellion
Louis 14
What is tax farming?
the selling the right to collect taxes to private individuals called tax farmers which became rich
Pay fo large army and explorations and balance of power
Louis 14
Jean Baptist Colbert was advisor of whom
Louis 14
Cardinal Richeleiu was advisor of whom
Louis 13
Duke of Sully was advisor of whom
Henry IV
wanted to weaken Hapsburgs and Spain
Louis 13
Smashed Huegenot cities
Louis 13
appointed intendants
Louis 13
"sickly boy"
Edward VI
Wanted to ride Englans of clergy who would not conform to the laws of the Catholic Church
Mary I
Burned 300 protestants at stake
Mary I
nickname was Bloody Mary
Mary I
killed ArchBishop Thomas Cranmer
Mary I
married Phillip II of Spain
Mary I
who gave Henry VII the son that he wanted
Jane Seymour
who gave birth to Elizabeth I
Anne Boleyn
Believed Elizabeth had a counrty that was feirce and war-like yet she kept a secure and profound peace in her country
Sir Francis Bacon
avoided risky undertakings and was frugal with her money
Mendell Creighton
had abiliity to put herself in someone else's shoes
Lacey Baldwin Smith
persecuted Anglican PUritan members in the house of Commons
James I
used illegal methods to get tax money because Parliament would not approve of what he wanted
James I
dismissed Parliament in 1621
James I
signed Petition of Right
King Charles I
what does the Pettion of Right state
king would not tax without consent of Parl. would garanteee trail by jury not force soldiers to in their homes in times of peace
ignored what he stated in Petition of Right and dissolved Parl.
king Charles I
refused to rule as a limited monarch was tried and beheaded
Charles I
Puritan ruled as a lord protector
Olliver Cromwell
ruled a dictatorship
Oliver Cromwell
was not a king but instead a military dictator
Oliver Cromwell
enforced strict Puritan laws such as mo games, dancing,or card playing
oliver cromwell
a Stuart which restored tthe throne after Cromwell's death
King Charles II
promised not to be and absolute monarch and signed habeas Corpus Act
Charles II
what is the Habeas Corpus Act
granted an accused person the right to trial
A Catholic overthrown in the Glorious Revolution when his Catholic son was born
James II
his Protestant daughter Mary and her husban William of ORagne were invited to rule England jointly
James II
who were major supporters of the Cavaliers
Anglicans Roman Chatolicas and nobele
Who were major supporters of the Roundheads
non- anglican protestants puritans
who was the leader of the Cavalliers
king charlesI
who was the leader of the Roundheads
oliver Cromwell
what do the Cavaliers believe in
oppose royal power should be curbed supports the king
what do the Roundheads believe in
believe royal power should be curbed support Parl.
what does Cromwell call himself
lord protector
what doe King Charles I believe in
divine right refuse Parl. session was condemned not plead
what does oliver Cromwell believe in
divine right dictator Puritans
what is the Glorious Revolution also know as
the Bloodless Revolution
what does the Bill of Rights state
monarch was subject to Parl. laws and protected private citizens
what was the Act of Settlement
kept Catholics off throne
what is the Act of union
merged England and Scotland in Great Britain
Toleration Acts
right for all Protestants
what is the primeminister role
ruling party of ouse of Commons real head of gov. monarch had to consult Parl.
What is the role of the Cabinet
parl and political parties choose officerof state by monarch bevame head of gov.
what are the role of the political parties
parl leader had power to accomplish goal of gov. and monarch
what event marked the end og the Glorious rev.
James I fleeing to France

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