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Music History II-Exam II


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Description of Handel's Messiah
Oratorio, For full orchestra and chorus, 4 soloists, 3 parts (Prophecy, Birth Death, Ressurection) 53 sections, Includes: Recitative, Aria, and Choruses
Well tempered Clavier
Two books of preludes and fugues for the clavier composed in all the major/minor keys. by Bach
Vivaldi Choral Works
Gloria, Dixit Dominus
How many brandenburg concerti did bach compose?
Handel's grand concerto
Concerti Grossi
Handel's dates
Vivaldi's example of program music
Four seasons
Opera by Rameau
Les Indes galantes
Purpose of Bachs contatas
Music for church services.
Corelli's only genre
How many concerti did Vivaldi compose
over 500
Program music
instrumental work associated by the composer with an extra muscial idea or subject
Pio Ospedella della pieta
Orphanage in venice were Vivaldi was a teacher.
Trio sonata
Two violins and a Basso continuo (Cello or Bassoon, and a harpsichord)
Name two Handel operas
Giulio Cesare, Serse
Bach Choral Works
Wchet Auf, Magnificat, Christmas Oratorio, St John/Matthew's Passion, Mass in B minor
Handel's Burial Place
Westminster Cathedral
How many orchestral suites did bach compose?
Premeired on the Thames river
Music for the royal fireworks
Church in leipzig
J.S. Bachs final Composition
Art of the fugue
Handel Oratorios
Messiah, Saul
Tragedie Lyrique by Rameau
Castor Et Pollux
The Harmonious Blacksmith
Set of variations for keyboard based on a blacksmiths song
Sonata Da Camera
an instrumental suite consiting of an introductory free movement followed by 2-4 dances
Bach's Dates
Vivaldi's Nickname
The Red priest
A work by bach to help intermediate organists how to play
A work by Bach which borrows German Lutheran chorale tunes.
Who was a major influence on Rameau's operatic style, and how do Rameaus opera reflect this influence?
Lully, He would take one of his operas and re work it.
What language did Handel write his opera's in for his london audience and why?
Italian, because it is what the people of london wanted even though they could not understand it.
Concerto Grosso
Multi movement work contrasting a small instrumental group with a larger one.
What are the Brandenburg Concertos and how many are there?
They are concerto grossi and there are six of them.
Name the two major forms in which corelli composed?
Concerto Grosso, and Trio Sonatas
How many surviving contatas by Bach are there and what is their purpose?
Over 200, and they were written for Lutheran Worship services.
Who wrote Traite de L'Harmonie and why is it significant?
Rameau, and it is the Treatise from which we derive our modern theory practices.
What three coutries did Handel live and work as a composer?
Germany, Italy, and England.
What type of piece is Water Music, and what historical event did it celebrate?
Orchestral Suite, The coronation of King George I
What quotation does Bach put into his sacred contata's, also how many survived
Solus Dei Gloria, Over 200, Subject of contata usually linked to the gospel of the day.
Sonata Da Chiesa (Corelli)
Instrumental suite of four or more abstract movements(Slow, Fast, Slow, Fast)
Bachs musical offering
Chamber work for flute violin and basso continuo. Many ricecare, Ends with trio sonata.
Bach's Magnificat
Liturgical work for full chorus and Orchestra. Italian influence , based on the text of Luke.
Bach birthplace?
Eisenbach, Germany
Handel birthplace?
Halle, Germany
war of the buffoons
Pamphlet war: Rameau vs. Light Italian opera (Pergolessi championed by Rousseau)
Abbreviation for Bach Werke-Verzeichnis
Goldberg Variations (BACH)
long set of 30 variations with each third variation as a canon. Written for goldberg
Bach founded?
Royal Academy of Music, which was an opera house.

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