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Pastor SCampos Lesson on Leadership


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What are effective Leaders Like?
Bright, alert, intelligent, Seek responsibility, enjoy taking charge, are skillful at whatever they are leading in, are administratively and socially competent, are energetic, active, durable, are good communicators who speak and write clearly and forcefuly.
A good leader is:
ambitious, hard working, decisive, aggressive, courageous, analytical, well-organized, deeply committed.
What is leadership?
Mysterious, Powerful, Universal, Trustworthy, Creative.
Leadership is active,
Time , energy , people, Money, Talent,Physical facilities,
New Opportunities
New programs, New promotion, New members, New Lifeliners,
What must we show?
The organization deserves respect.
What do leaders do?
day to day operations
Helpful Hints
Don't underestimate the strength of a team. itis true-all of us together are smarter than any of us alone

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