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Int 1 JP Midterm Review


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My friends are coming from Japan, and (lit.=but) where should I take them? How about sightseeing by taking a tour bus or something?
私の友達は日本から来るんですが、どこへ連れて行ったらいいでしょうか。 かんこうバスにでも乗って見物をしたらどうですか。
It's fun, and what's more, it is not so expensive, I think it would be good if you stay at a Japanese style inn.
During this summer break, I decided to stay, and do part-time job.
I make it a rule to run for 2 miles every morning.
**Because I am tired, let’s return to our hotel after taking a rest.
**Wash your hands before eating. (command)
Return home􀃆 take a bath􀃆 eat dinner􀃆 write composition􀃆 listen to music􀃆 call my friends
If you go straight on this street, and turn left at the 3rd corner, the arts museum will be on your right.
**If you are still 20 years old, you cannot get in a bar.
(To children) Wash your face and bï½’ush your teeth before you go to bed.
“Listen to the tape everyday,” says the teacher.
In Japanese class, you may not eat any food, but you may drink water. You must speak in Japanese, but if you ask your Prof. whether if you may speak in English, and s/he says you may, you don't have to ask questions in Japanese.
**Please do not park a car here.
Eat a little more quietly.
I got up late this morning since I stayed up (lit.) till late last night.
Write your essay more neatly.

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