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Factors in Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Pathways:


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What 3 factors activate the EXTRINSIC PATHWAY?
3, 4, and 7a
What are factors 3/4/7?
3 = Tissue facot
4 = Calcium
7 = stabile factor
What do Fx 3/4/7a do together?
Activate X -> Xa
Along with activating X-Xa what can VIIa activate?
IX to IXa in the intrinsic pathway.
What test monitors the extrinsic pathway?
Protime (PT)
What activates Fx XII?
Contact factors on platelet surfaces.
What helps Fx XIIa convert XI -> XIa?
What helps Fx XIa convert IX to IXa?
What helps Fx IXa start the common pathway?
-PF3 (just a phospholipid)
What test is used to evaluate the intrinsic pathway?
the APTT.
what initiates the COMMON pathway?
Activation of Fx X by
What does Factor Xa do?
Actvts Prothrombin->Thrombin with helpers Ca2+, PF3, Va.
What factor is thrombin?
What does Thrombin (factor 2)activate?
-V (feedback)
-VIII (feedback)
-Fibrinogen -> Fibrin
What is the role of Plasmin?
Fibrinolysis - Breaks down fibrin clots
What activates plasminogen?
1. t-PA (tissue plasminogen activator)
2. UK
2. SK
What are the reagents for the Protime?
--> rapid fibrin clot formatn
What are the reagents for the aPTT?
-Phospholipid substitute
-Calcium chloride
--> slower clot formation.
What factors does the PT test measure?
What will cause a prolonged PT?
-Coumadin therapy
-Deficient Factors 1/2/5/7/10
-Vit K deficiency/defect
-Liver disease
What factors does the APTT measure?
1,2,5,8,10,11,12, Fletcher, Fitzgerald.

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