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Colonial History


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What are the FOUR New England Colonies?
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
What are the FOUR Middle Colonies?
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware,
What are the FIVE Southern Colonies?
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Who founded Georgia?
James Oglethorpe
Which American products sold well in Europe?
raw materials (indigo, cotton, tobacco, furs, lumber, iron)
Who had the idea to begin the colony of Maryland?
George Calvert
Who was the fiery Dutch governor who did not want to surrender to the British?
Peter Stuyvesant
What was John Mason's colony?
New Hampshire
What was the city settled by Thomas Hooker?
What ship brought the first settlers to New Hampshire?
New Hampshire was forced to become part of what colony for several years?
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut became a pattern for what?
the United States Constitution
Who went to England to get a charter for Rhode Island?
Dr. John Clarke
Who escaped from Massachusetts and founded Providence?
Roger Williams
Who was beaten with a whip for preaching in Massachusetts?
Obadiah Holmes
What three countries claimed New York?
Holland, France, & England
Why did England have a claim on New York?
Because John Cabot claimed ALL of North America for England
Who gave New Jersey its name?
Sir George Carteret & John Berkeley
What fort did the Swedish people build to defend themselves?
Fort Christina
What was the main settlement in Pennsylvania, personally designed by William Penn?
What does Philadelphia mean?
City of Brotherly Love
What were the large farms in the Southern Colonies called?
Who was hired to explore New York for the Dutch?
Henry Hudson
Who explored northern New York for France?
Samuel de Champlain

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