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Chapter 3 Religion Vocabulary


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Ark of the Covenant
A portable shrine originally constructed in the Sinai dessert, believed to contain the tablets of the Law; a symbol of God’s presence.
The area around the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. This is the term used before David’s Kingdom.
Charismatic Leader
A person upon whom the spirit of the Lord had come with power, thus enabling him or her to be successful military leader and judge.
A league of alliance. In Israel, the confederation was based on the Covenant.
Deuteronomic History
The history of Israel, written in 587 BCE, that includes the books of Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, and 1 and 2 Kings.
The term used for the promised land (Canaan) after the kingdom is formed. Also used for the Northern Kingdom after 920 BCE.
The southern part of Canaan.
A charismatic leader and dispenser of justice among the Israelites from about 1200-1030 BCE.
Another term for the promise land, used to refer to the entire territory after the split between Israel and Judah.
A people who came from the Aegean area to the coast of Palestine around 1100 BCE; rivals of Israel for control of the land of Canaan.
The study of God.
A group of people united by family ties and common interests; ancient Israel was divided into 12 tribes.
One who holds land given by a superior; and who fights and/or farms for him in return.

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