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Neuropsych (RAM)


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What are the two divisions of the Nervous System, and what do they include?
Central nervous system (CNS -- includes brain and spinal cord) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS--includes cranial nerves, spinal nerves and peripheral ganglia)
What are the two main subdivisions of the PNS, and what do they control?
(1) Somatic Nervous System -- voluntary motor movement of skeletal muscles and (2) Autonomic Nervous System -- automatic bodily functions...smooth muscles and glands
What are the two subsystems of the Autonomic Nervous System and what do they control
(1) Sympathetic Nervous system -- fight or flight related functions (i.e increased hr, breathing etc..) and (2) Parasympathetic Nervouse system -- energy conserving (relaxing) functions such as slowed hr, bp, breathing, and increasing digestion & elimination
What is/causes quadriplegia?
All four limbs paralyzed -- caused by severing of spinal cord between C1 and C5
What is/causes paraplegia?
Paralyzed legs -- caused by severing of spinal cord at T1 or below
What is/causes hemiplegia?
Paralysis of 1/2 of the body (right OR left side)
What is/causes paresis?
limb weakness, happens when spinal cord damaged but not severed, reflexes still intact
What happens if the spinal cord is severed at C6 or C7?
paraplegia and partial paralysis of arms
Name the four lobes of the cerebrum and their functions
Frontal lobes -- Executive functions, Motor activity, personality
Parietal Lobes-somatasensory info,
Temporal Lobes -- auditory processing, emotional behavior and memory
Occipital Lobe -- vision
What does the left vs. right hemisphere govern?
Left -- language, analytical/logical thinking, abstract thinking
Right -- visual/spatial, artistic, musical perceptual, intuition
What is and what causes Gerstmann's syndrome?
lesions of the dominant parietal lobe
AADA: includes agraphia, acalculia, right-left disorientation and finger agnosia
What is the function of the Thalamus?
Relay Center -- integrates info from all the senses except smell and projects to appropriate areas
What is the function of the hypothalamus?
THE FIVE F's: Homeostasis -- regulating endocrine system i.e. fever (temperature), feeding (hunger & thirst), fornicating (sex), fighting (aggression), and and falling asleep (sleep/wake cycle)
What is the function of the pituitary?
normal and abnormal growth, as well as influencing other endocrine glands
What is the function of the Limbic System?
Emotiona behavior (i.e. aggression0
What's included in the Limbic system?
hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, septum, parts of the thalamus, parts of frontal and temporal lobes
What is Kluver-Bucy syndrome and what causes it?
damage to teh amygdala causes placidity, apathy, hypersexuality, and agnosias
What happens when the septum is damaged?
Septal Rage

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