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Earth Science Test 10-17


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Define Model
A way of representing the properties of an object or system. Example: The Globe
What is the most common way to locate places on Earth?
The most common method us the latitude and longitude coodinate system.
Define Latitude
How many degrss above (North) or below (South) of the equator you are.
Define Longitude
How many degress east to west of the Prime Meridan you are.
What is Polaris (The North Star) used for.
A Guide

Always tells us what north Latitude we're at.
Define Fields and supply examples
Any area on earth that contains a measurable quantity. ("Field Value")

Examples: Temperatue, Air Pressure, Snow Depth, Elevation
Define Isolines
Lines that connect points of equal value.
Due to the propery of Isolines, they can never do this.
They can never touch or cross each other.
Define Gradient
Shows how fast a field value changes form on place to another
Solve the equasion below:

Taos and Phenix are 600 miles apart. If the elevation of Taos is 3,400ft and the elevation of Phenix is 1,000ft, What is the gradient between them?
When solvuing do the following:
* Write out the entire equasion for Gradient
* Show all work
The higer (Steeper) the gradient is, the isolines become this.
The lower (More gradual) the gradient, the isolines become this.
Farther apart
Many observations have lead to the conclusion that earth is not flat but rather an oblate speroid. List 3 lines of evedience that are used to show that the earth has a curved surface.
1.) Ships sailing away, you cannot see the bottom
2.) Actual pictures from space
3.) Polaris is only visible in the Northern hemisphere and not the Southern
If you wanted to weigh teh least amount you possibly couldon our planet, where would you go and why?
The equator. (?)
What is another name for the North Star?
Polaris is used as a celestial reference point for Earth's latitude system because Polaris:

a. always rises at sunset and sets at sunrise
b. is located over Earth's axis of rotation
c. can be seen from any place on earth
d. is o
The correct answer is b.
At what litude would an oberserver find the altitude of Polaris to be 37?

a. 37S
b. 53N
c. 37N
d. 90N
The correct answer is b.
At what latitude will polaris be overhead?

a. 231/2N
b. 0N
c. 90S
d. 90N
The correct answer is d.
Upon what measurment is Earth;s latitude system based?

a. stars angle
b. gravity intensity
c. magnetism direction
d. apparent size of the sun
The correct answer is a.
As an observer travels eastward along the 40N of latitude, the altitude of the North Star will

a. decrease
b. increase
c. remain the same
The correct answer is c.
A sailor on a moving ship notices that the altitude of Polaris increase each night. In what direction is the ship moving?

a. due east
b. due south
c. due west
d. due north
The correct answer is d.
Define elevation
The height above sea level
Define countour line
Line connecting pouints that have the smae elevation
Define contour interval
Difference in elevation between 2 countour lines
Define index contour line
A darker contour lone that has it elevation marked somewhere on on it
Define bench mark
a place on the map where the exact elevation is
What is a topographical map?
It is a map that takes the 3 demensional surface information and converts it into 2 demensions.
Which statement is true about an isoline on an air temeature field map?

a. it represents an interface of high and low barometric pressure
b. it indicates the direction of maxium insolation
c. it increases in magnitude as it bends sou
The correct answer is d.
Which of the following items is a model?

a. a globe
b. a ruler
c. a hand lens
d. a mineral speciemn
The correct answr is a.
What is the distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian called?

a. longitude
b. latitude
c. equator
d. altitude
The correct answer is b.

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