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General Microbiology 2


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what are the general requirements for specimen collection and transport?
-Prior to antimicrobial drugs
-Avoid normal flora
-Acquire during acute phase
-Get enough
-Use proper collecting device
-Deliver to lab right away
-get enough background info
What are the requirements for swab types?
Use one of three types:
-Calcium alginate
What is safest swab type? Why?
-Cotton can have toxic fatty aa
-Calcium alginate kills herpes
3 types of holding media are and contain:
1. Sterile saline - non nutrient
2. Stuart's - buffered semi-solid
3. Amies media - charcoal
What is the purpose of charcoal in holding media?
it absorbs toxins to keep fastidious neisseria gonorrhoea alive.
What are 2 types of special transport media, and for what?
1. Jembec - for gonorrhoeae
2. Regan lowe - for bordatella pertussis nasopharyngeal swabs.
What does a jembec plate have?
-Modified thayer martin
-CO2 tablet for enriched, capnophilic environment.
When are swabs NOT preferred for specimen collection?
-For anaerobic bacteria
-For UTI/stool specimens.
What are 2 sterile container types?
1. Stuart's holding media
2. Cary-Blair media
What is Cary-Blair used for?
Holding/preserving a stool specimen to find bacteria when immediate culture not possible.
4 types of direct smear stains:
-Acridine orange
-Methylene blue
-Acid fast
What 2 things are noted when evaluating direct smears?
-Number of bacteria
-Significance of host cells
What is a variation gram stain, and why do it?
-Methanol fixation - overlay slide with methanol to fix.
-To lyse RBCs and decrease background.
What specimen is acridine orange used on?
Blood cultures
What is methylene blue used for?
Fecal leukocytes
Which prepared media are NOT exempt from quality control?
-Campy BA
-Selective neisseria agars (TM, MTM, Lewis)
What QC must be done on media prepared in house?
-Sterility check
-Ability to support growth
-Ability to be selective
-Ability to give differential reactions
Other than media, what else is QC run on?
-Antimicrobial suscept. testing

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