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Subcutaneous mycoses 2


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What are the 5 subcutaneous mycoses?
1. Sporotrichosis
2. Chromoblastomycosis
3. Mycetoma
4. Actinomycosis
5. Phaeohyphomycosis
What causes Sporotrichosis?
What's another name for it?
Sporothrix schenkii
Rosegardeners disease
What temp is S. schenkii diagnostic at?
25-30'C -Daisy microconidia
37'C only yeast cells.
What is chromoblastomycosis?
An exogenous infection caused by traumatic implant.
What are the pathologic and symptoms of chromoblastomyc?
-Sclerotic bodies
-Cauliflower lesions
What 3 molds can cause chromoblastomycosis?
1. Phialophora
2. Fonsecaea
3. Cladosporium
What morphology is characteristic of phialophora?
Vase-shaped phialides
What morphology is characteristic of fonsecaea?
A-form; 1-3 conidia, either in chains or side by side.
What morphology is characteristic of cladosporium?
Very huge long chains of oval conidia.
What is mycetoma?
An exogenous infection caused by traumatic implantation to the foot.
What are pathologic/symptom characteristics of mycetoma?
-Spreads through tissue, may spread to bone.
-Draining sinus tracts
-Grains/granules in tissue
-Madura foot
How is Mycetoma treated?
Depends on infection type
-Eumycotic: surgical excise
-Actinomycotic: sulfonamide
What 3 species cause Eumycotic Mycetoma?
-PSeudoallescheria boydii
what are the 2 types of mycetoma?
what 3 actinomyces cause mycetoma?
-Actinomadura species
-Streptomyces somaliensis
What is actinomycosis?
Worldwide, endogenous infection from normal flora in oral cavit.
what 2 formations from actinomycosis aid in diagnosis?
-Sulfur granules
-Lumpy jaw
how is actinomycosis treated?
-High dose penicillin
What 3 agents cause actinomycosis?
-Actinomyces israelii
-Actinomyces species
-Arachnia propionica
What is Phaeohyphomycosis and what causes it?
-Any infection caused by dematiaceous fungi.
-Resembles chromoblastomycosis.

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