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Medieval Literature


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Who wrote Canterbury Tales?
Geoffrey Chaucer
Who was Elanor of Aquitanine's 1st son
King Richard I
In what year did Columbus discover the New World?
What is Geoffrey Chaucer known as?
Master of Variety
In what year were the Jews expelled from England?
When was the University of Oxford founded?
Who introduced the concept of courtly love?
Eleanor of Aquitaine
What year did Geoffrey Chaucer die?
What year did the Norman Conquest take place?
What does the term Norman mean?
What did the Magna Carta force the king to do?
Grant privledges
What was Europe's first university?
When did the Medieval Literature period begin and end?
What village did the Normans win contol of in England?
Who became the first English Norman King
William I
Who wrote Le Morte DeArthur?
Sir Thomas Malory
What became the official language of the Norman Court?
Norman French
What is a troubadour?
A traveling singer
What church was built in 1291?
York Minister
What killed 1/3-1/2 of the poplulation in Europe?
The Great Plague
Who wrote the King Arthurs legend in English?
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Who led the 1381 peasant revolt?
Wat Tyler
What is a pageant?
A box on which actors performed
What happened in 1066?
The Norman Conquest
Who wrote the Legend of King Arthur in Norman French poetry?
Who furthered translated and augmented the Legend of King Arthur?
What was the Medieval age also called?
Little Twelfth-Century Renaissance
What language flourished in 1204?
Who took over on October 14, 1066?
William I (the conquerer)
What percentage and type of people was affect on October 14, 1066?
10% which were nobility
What is the term that is a synonym for "courtly love"
Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine's daughter?
Marie of Champagne
Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine's husband?
Henry II
What was King Richard's nickname?
The Lion-Hearted
What year did the great plague take place?
What two countries were involved with the 100 years war?
France and England
Where was Le Morte Darthur written at?
When was the Magna Carta signed?
List when the churches were built and where?
York Minster (nave)-1291
Who started the Lollard movement?
John Wyclif
What famous person revolted in 1450?
Jack Cade
Where did plays begin?
In church
Who put on each play?
A different guild
Who wrote the Second Shepherds' Play?
Wakefield Master
Who is Camelot indebted to?
Sir Thomas Mallory
Who was England's first printer?
William Caxton?

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