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Health Care 2


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What is HOE
Health Occupation Education
What does Hoe prepare you for?
For your career
What are National Health Care Skill Standards
Developed to indicate the knowledge and skill that are expected of health care workers- entry and technical
SIx cluster standards
Health Care Core, Info/Services, Theraputic/diagnostic core, enviromental, Diagnostic
Example of Theraputic
Animal Health Technitian
Medical Lab
Admitting Officer/Clerk
Associates Degree
Vocational-technical school or community college after 2 year course of study
Descibe Bachelor's degree
College or university after prescribed course of study that usually last 4 or more years
Describe Master's degree
College or university after completion of one or more years of work beyound bachelors
Describe Doctorate Degree
College or University after completion of two or more years of work beyound a bachelors and a masters
Describe Certification
Fulfilled requirements of education and performance
Describe Registration
Registers peoiple into a health care facility
Describe Licensure
Government agency authorizes

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