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Physics test 2


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The rate at which an object moves. (distance /time)
Average speed
the average distance traveled (total distance/total time)
Constant speed
steady unchanging speed.
distance traveled per unit time (distance/time)
The rate at which an object's velocity changes with time. (final velocity – original velocity /time)
Frame of reference
background or object that is used for comparison
The product of an objects mass and velocity (mass*velocity)
a push or pull exerted on an object (mass*acceleration)
Friction & 3 types
A force that one surface exerts on another when the two rub against each other. The three types are fluid, rolling, sliding.
Mechanical advantage
The number of times a force is exerted on a machine is multiplied by the machine.
6 types of simple machines and examples of each
inclined plane (ramp) wedge (zipper) , the screw (jar lids), the lever (crow bar), the wheel and axle (doorknob), and the pulley (flagpole rope)

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