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The Process of Cellular Respiration


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Respiration is a cumulative function of three metabolic stages,________,_________,______.
glycolysis, Krebs cycle, the electron transport chain
Glycolysis and krebs cycle are the ________ pathways that decompose glucose and other organic fuels.
Glycolysis occurs in the _______, and degrades glucose into two molecules of ________.
cytosol, pyruvate
The _______ cycle takes place within in the mitochondrial matrix, and decomposes a derivative of pyruvate to _______.
krebs, carbon dioxide
The electron transport chain accepts electrons from the breakdown products of the first two stages, and passes these molecules from one molecule to another. At the end of the chain, ________ accepts the electron with hydrogen ions to form _______/
oxygen, water.
The energy released at each step is stored in a form the mitochondion can use to make ______. This mode of ______ synthesis is called _______ ________.
ATP, ATP, oxidative phosphorylation
The site of electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation is the _____________
inner membrane of the mitochondrion.
for each molecule of glucose degraded to carbon dioxide and water by respiration, the cell makes up to about __ molecules of ___.
38 of ATP.
glycolysis means the splitting of _______. Glucose is then split into two ____-____ sugars, then oxidized and rearranged to make __ pyruvate molecules.
glucose, three-carbon, 2
the net energy yield from glycolysis, per glucose molecule is, _ ATP plus _ NADH.
2, 2
No ___ is released during glycolysis, which glycolysis occurs whether or not molecular ___ is present
CO2, O2
Upon entering the mitochondion, pyruvate is first converted into a compound called _______.
acetyle coenzyme A, acetyle CoA.
THe krebs cycle has _ steps, each catalyzed by a specific enzyme.
For each acetate that enters the cycle, ____ molecules of ___ are reduced to _____.
What relays the electrons to the electron transport chain?

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