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Spanish Preposition phrases from Chapter 4 of Entre Nosotros


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acostumbrarse a
to get used to
asistir a
to attend
atreverse a
to dare
ayudar a
to help
negarse a
to refuse
bastar con
to be enough
casarse con
to marry
comprometerse con
to get engaged
contar con
to count on
encontrarse con
to meet
sonar con
to dream about
acabar de
to have just done something
acordarse se
to remember
alegrarse de
to be glad
darse cuenta de
to realize
enamorarse de
to fall in love with
encargarse de
to take charge of
enterarse de
to find out
olvidarse de
to forget
salir de
to leave (a place)
tratar de
to try
confiar en
to trust
convenir en
to agree
fijarse en
to notice
insistir en
to insist on
pensar en
to think about

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