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Brit Lit Exam


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A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
By John Donne
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Summary
Leaving his wife to go to France and misses her already
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning theme
love can't be seperated by a distance
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Tone
a narrative work in which characters, settings, and events are symbolic of anstract ideas, and in which the overall purpose is to teach a lesson
the repetition of consonant sound sat the beginning of two or more words in a line
to make reference to
when the character talks to the audience and the other characters on stage can't hear them
Beowulf epic hero
blank verse
unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter
a section or division of a long poem
carpe diem
the though that life is short and to live life to the fullest
a far-fetched metaphor or similie
a serious poem of lament, usually mourning a death or a great loss
a long narrative that recounts in grave and stately language the achievements of a hero who usually embodies his societies ideals
Beowulf, the faerie queene, paradise lost, the rape of the lock
a brief, witty, often philosophical saying in prose or verse
a short, prose composition that deals with a single topic
folk ballad
composed by uneducated people and passed down through oral tradition
frame story
a narrative within which one or more other narratives unfold (canterbury tales)
free verse
poetry with no fixed rhythm or meter
heroic couplet
a pair of rhymed lines in iambic pentameter
extreme exaggeration
iambic pentameter
a meter in which there are 5 iambs per line
in media res
in the middle of the action (starts with big opening, background info later)
a writer's call for aid or inspiration from a Muse or another spiritual force
the awareness of a contrast between appearance and reality
a daily record of events kept by an individual who is writing so that other people will read it
an imaginative metaphorical phrase used in place of a simple noun
lyric poem
poetry where the speaker expresses personal thoughts and feelings
comparing two totally different things
mock epic
a poem that imitates ethic style but makes fun of the hero or society it portrays
authors look of ancient Greece and Rome and stressed the importance of reason, order, hardmony, and moderation. Ben Jonson=father
a book-length or longer work of prose fiction
lyric poem of irregular line lengths and stanzas, addressing a serious subject and written in a dignified style
On the memory of my belived master, william shakespeare
by ben jonson
On the memory of my belived master, william shakespeare summary
the speaker is putting shakespeare on a pedastal because of his accomplishments and he continually praises shakespeare
On the memory of my belived master, william shakespeare theme
shakespeare becomes immortal through poetry
On the memory of my belived master, william shakespeare tone
Paradise Lost
By John Milton
paradise lost epic hero
Paradise Lost tells...
why satan got kicked out of heaven and what happened afterward
Paradise Lost tragic hero =
the devil. he brings on his own downfall
a statement that at first makes no sense but actually makes perfect sense
a humorous imitation of another, usually serious work
a work that depicts the simple pleasures of rural life
giving human characteristics to an animal, object, or idea
picaresque novel
a humorous novel consisting of loosely strung episodes about an adventurer or a loveable rogue
in every loss there is a gain. in every gain there is a loss
a literary device that ridicules the vices and follies of people or societies in order to bring about the improvement of humanity. this is often done through the use of irony, wit, and derision
a traveling minstrel who composed or memorized oral lit and passed it down
in a play, the speech of a character alone on stage, telling his/her thoughts to the audience
compares things usuing like or as
a 14-lined poem with a fixed meter and rhyme scheme, usually written in iambic pentameter
The Constant Lover
by sir john suckling
The Constant Lover summary
the speaker is saying that he is frustrated because he has been with this one girl for 3 days and is usually with a different girl every day
The Constant Lover theme
go with the flow
The Constant Lover tone
cocky and over confident (player)
The Diary
By Samuel Pepys
The Diary summary
diary of his life-watched the king's coronation and the london fire and told all about them
the faerie queene epic hero
the green knight
The First Conceit ever
the compass in a valediction forbidding mourning
the rape of the lock epic hero
To Althea, from prison
by richard lovelace
To Althea, from prison summary
the speaker is writing how he is in prison but because of his love, Althea, he still feels free
To Althea, from prison theme
no matter the circumstances, love will make you free
To Althea, from prison tone
To His Coy Mistress
By Andrew Marvell
To His Coy Mistress Summary
the speaker loves his mistress so much that a lifetime isn't long enough to show all the love he has for her and because they don't he wants to take her virginity before somebody else does
To His Coy Mistress theme
seize the day, don't let time pass you by (carpe diem)
To His Coy Mistress tone
To the Virgins, to make much of time
by Robert Herrick
To the Virgins, to make much of time summary
the speaker is encouraging virgins to marry and make love while still young
To the Virgins, to make much of time theme
carpe diem, get married and make love before it is too late
To the Virgins, to make much of time tone
pastoral and persuasion
tragic hero
a high ranking person, distinguished by such admirable traits as integrity, bravery, and strength
the languages of the people as opposed to latin
Why So Pale and Wan?
By Sir John Suckling
Why So Pale and Wan? summary
the speaker is speaking to his friend saying if the girl doesn't love him for the way he is then she can go to hell
Why So Pale and Wan? theme
don't change yourself to be loved- be yourself
Why So Pale and Wan? tone
practical and honest

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