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daily GEO koppman 8th grade


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What is the imaginary line 180 degrees east and west of the prime meridian
International Dateline
What are the names of the earths oceans
how many states are part of the contiguous United States
Locate the Arabian Pennisula. What is a Peninsula?
Peninsula is a piece of land that projects into a body of water an is connected with the mainland by an isthumus.
is the tropic of cancer north or south of the equator
What are the names of the earths continents
2. Asia
3. Anartica
4. Australia
5. Europe
6. North America
7. South America
Locate the Gulf of Aden off the eastern coast of Africa. What is a gulf.
The body of water surrounded by land on three sides
What lines measure distance east and west of teh prome meridian.
What city label would be next to the star symbol in the state of Washington.
Which pole is not on a continent
North Pole
In what part of the US is Washington DC.
Close to the eastern coast of the United States at (38 degrees 54'N, 77 degrees 02 W)
what continents are located on a single mass
Europe and Asia
What is the part of the mapthat show what the symbols represent
the key
What direction is North dacota from South carolina
Is Central America on teh North or South American continent
The North American continent
What are the three countries in this world that have the largest mass
Russia, Canada, China
What is the capital of the state that has a northen border with South Dakota and south border with Kansas.
Which hemisphere has more land Eastern or western.
Eastern Hemisphere
The largest lake in the world located near the border of Asia and Europe
Caspian Sea
What is the name of the country that shares Iberian Peninsula with Spain.
What is the capitol of Florida
Nmae the great lakes that border Canada
1. Heron
2. Ontario
3. Erie
4. Superior
Latitude is measured north and south of what imaginary line
Which of the following is not a city. Bangladesh,Tokyo,Amsterdam,New Dehli
what is the name of the landmass that extends into a body of water
Is the artic circle north or south of the equator
What are the names of the 4 Hemisphere and of whicj two do you live?
Northern Hemisphere
Eastern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Western Hemisphere
i am in the aNorthern and western Hemispheres
Which one of the following is not a state. Delaware,Dallas,Kansas,Arkansas
What does a Stra or a dot usually mean on map
All lines of the Longitude are measured east and west of this imaginary line
Prime meridian
What is the name given to a body of land that is smaller than a continent and surrounded by water on all sides
What is the worlds southern most point
south pole

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