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Into to Music :Chapter 9


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What was the principal genre of secular vocal music of the Baroque era?
Opera Seria
serious opera, principal type of opera of the Italian Baroque Opera
Secco Recitative
a recitative with continuo accompaniment
Accompanied Recitative
a recitative with orchestral accompaniment
de capo
standard form of Baroque Italian opera aria- ABA
an opera on a religious subject
What sets an Oratorio apart from any other opera?
no theatrical sets or costumes, performed in concert form, more use of the chorus (however oratorios are NOT a part of the regular church service)
The Church Cantata
second in importance among Baroque sacred music genres- a piece of moderate length for voices and instruments, a musical sermon
lutheran hymn
Gapped Chorale
the chorale melody is delivered in spurts
the chorale prelude
or organ chorale, an important genre of keyboard music at the time, an organ composition incorporating a hymn (chorale) tune
What is bach's most well known instrument?

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