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chapter 2, 8th grade health


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What is a consumer?
Someone who buys goods and services.
What is media?
The various methods for communicating information.
What is mass media?
Media that can reach large groups of people.
What type of advertisements rely on facts?
Informational ads.
What is an infomercial?
This is a longer TV commercial whose main purpose appears to be to present information rather than to sell a product.
What is an image ad?
An ad that links a product or service with a desirable image.
What is an endorsement?
A statement of approval.
What is quakery?
This is the sale of worthless products or treatments through false claims.
What is comparison shopping?
This is comparing products, evaluating their benefits and choosing products that offer the best values.
What are discount stores?
Stores that offer special reduced prices.
What are generic products?
Goods that are sold in plain packages at lower prices than name brand goods.
What is a warranty?
This is a company's or store's written agreement to repair a product or refund your money if the product does not work properly.
What is the crown of the tooth?
The part of the tooth you can see.
What is the neck of the tooth?
The part of the tooth between the crown and root.
What is the root of the tooth?
The part that holds the tooth in place in the gum.
What is the enamel of a tooth?
The hard outer layer that covers the crown.
What is the dentin of the tooth?
This is the bonelike material surrounding the pulp.
What is the pulp of the tooth?
This is the soft, sensitive tissue containing nerves and blood vessels.
What is fluoride?
A substance that helps teeth resist decay.
What is plaque?
The thin, sticky film left on your teeth from food combined with bacteria.
What is tartar?
Hardened plaque that threatens gum health.
What is a cavity?
A hole in the tooth's enamel.
What is epidermis?
The outermost layer of skin.
What is melanin?
The substance that gives your skin its color.
What is dermis?
The skin's inner layer that contains blood vessels, nerve endings and hair follicles.
What are pores?
Tiny openings in the skin.
What is dandruff?
This is a flaking of the outer layer of dead skin cells on the scalp.
What is head lice?
These are parasitic insects that live in the hair and cause itching.
The white of the eye.
The cornea
The clear section that lets in the light at the front of the eye.
The Iris.
The colored part of the eye that controls the size of the pupil.
The pupil.
This is the dark opening in the center of the iris. It gets larger in dim light and smaller in bright light.
The Lens.
This focuses light on the retina.
The retina.
This is the light-sensing part of the inner eye.
The Optic Nerve.
This is the bundle of nerve fibers that sends messages to the brain, which interprets them.
An Optometrist
A professional trained to examine the eyes for vision problems and to prescribe corrective lenses.
An Opthalmologist
A physician who specializes in the structure, functions and diseases of the eye.
An eye condition in which images are distorted.
The unit for measuring the loudness of sound waves.
Primary Care Providers
The doctors and other health professionals who provide checkups and general care.
A Speacialsit
A doctor trained to treat particular types of patients or health matters.
Health Insurance
A plan in which people pay a set fee for the company's agreement to pay some or most medical costs.
Managed Care
Plans that emphasize preventive medicine and work to manage the cost and quality of health care.
Health Maintenance Organization
This offers its members the services of many different types of health care providers.
This provides health insurance to people who are 65 years old or over.
Public health insurance program for low-income families and individuals.

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