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7th grade science


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charactersitic of life
growth and development
characteristic of life
use of energy
what are the 5 chemicals found in all living things
water, charbohydratesm protiens lipids nucleic acids
what is growth
when it gets larger
what is development
when it gets more complex
who invented the microscope
robert hooke
what are the 3 points of the cell theory
cells are the basic unit of structure, all living things are composed of cells all cells are produced from other cells
how do bacteria cells differ from other cells
no nucleus and procaryote
what property of water makes it vital to all living things
it desolves more chemicals thatn any other thing on earth
Where did earths early organisms live and how did they obtain food
lived in water and got their on food
what are the building blocks of cells
lipids and protien
why is an elctron microscope better than a light microscope
because it has better resolution and magnification
In this type of lense the center is thicker than the edges
What role did the microscope play in the development of cell theory
made it possible to see that everything was made of cells
why doesn't a bacterium cell containa nucleus
because the genetic strands are in the cytoplasm
why is nucleus the control center of the cell
it controls everthing in the cell and is the brains of the cell

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