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Core Concepts in Pharmacology Ch 12


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medical procedure performed by applying drugs that cause loss of sensation
local anesthesia
AKA sodium channel blockers

loss of sensation to limited part of body w/o losing consciousness

blocks entry of sodium ions into cells of nervous system
general anesthesia
causes loss of sensation to entire body

usually results in loss of consciousness
topical anesthesia
AKA surface anesthesia

creates loss of sensation on mucous membranes
infiltration anesthesia
AKA field-block anesthesia

drug diffuses into tissue into tissue to block specific group of nerves in small area
nerve block anesthesia
affects bundle of nerves serving area to be operated upon

used to block sensation in limb or large are of face
spinal anesthesia
affects large area (ie lower abdomen & legs)

drug injected into cerebral spinal fluid
epidural anesthesia
regional anesthesia commonly used in obstetrics

drug injected into epidural space of spinal cord
type of chemical linkage found in some local anesthetics involving carbon & oxygen

first to be used for local anesthesia
type of chemical linkage found in some local anesthetics involving carbon, nitrogen, & oxygen

replaced esters due to longer duration & fewer side effects

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