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RCVS Veterinary Nursing NVQ Level 2 2


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What three things are all body tissues made of?
intracellular material
what are the four basic tissue types in the body?
what are the three types of muscular tissue
skeletal (voluntary/striated)
smooth (involuntary/smooth)
cardiac (only found within the heart
what is nervous tissue made of and what is its function
it is made up of neurons (nerve cells)
its function is to conduct electrical impulses to and from the central nervous system (the brain & spine)
what is epithelial tissue?
what does it cover?
it covers the internal & external surfaces of the body, it also lines the body cavities & forms glands
what are main types of connective tissue? there are 5 types
loose connective tissue
dense connective tissue
where is Hyaline cartilage found, what does it consist of?
it is the rings of the trachea & articular surfaces of the joints.
it consists of hyaline matrix
fine collagen fibres
what is fibrocartilage, what does it have more of?
it is very strong similar to hyaline cartilage except it contains mor collagen fibres. it is found between the invertebral discs
what is Hyaline matrix?
it is the ground substance that fills the spaces in-between fibres
what are chondrocytes?
they are cells that produce cartilage
what is the difference between exocrine & endocrine glands as regards ducts?
exocrine have ducts to enable secretion to pass directly to the site of work
endocrine have no ducts so secrections pass into blood stream
what do endocrine & exocrine glands secrete (clue they secrete different things)
exocrine secrete enzymes, mucous etc
endocrine secrete hormones
give examples of endocrine glands & exocrine glands
exocrine - nasal cavity, salivary gland, crypts of lieberkuhn
endocrine - islets of langerhans (pancreas), thyroid, adrenal gland
describe loose connective tissue with regards:
collagen fibres
elastic fibres
blood supply
& give examples
distribution - widely
appearance - greyish/white, bubbly appearance (hence areolar)
strength - resonably strong
collagen fibres - less dense
elastic fibres - more present (more elastic)
blood supply - good
fat - is widely present LCT known as adipose tissue
examples - holds muscle fibres together, supports nerves, connects skin to underlying tissue
describe dense connective tissue with regards:
collagen fibres
elastic fibres
blood supply
& give examples
distribution - areas of strength
appearance - white
strength - very strong
collagen fibres - dense
elastic fibres - less present (less elastic)
blood supply - poor
examples - scar tissue, ligaments, tendons
what percentage of the body is made up of fluid?
what is the main ions of the ECF?
sodium (cation), chloride & biocarbonate (anions)
what are the main ions of the ICF?
potassium (cation), protein & phosphate (anions)
what is diffusion? what is its aim?
the random movement of molecules from a area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. the aim is to get equal distribution
what is osmosis? what does it move?
the movement of water from a area of low concentration to high concentration

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