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Cooking Equipment


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Used to fry foods at a constant temperature
Has 4 to 6 burner units, each with individual controls - each burner has its own heat source
Open-Burner Range
Has a solid top that produces even heat over a large surface area but cannot be used as a griddle
Flat-Top Range
Food is cooked directly on the surface of this piece of equipment
Uses invisible waves of energy to heat, reheat, defrost, and cook foods
Microwave oven
Uses intense, direct heat located above the food
Has a large cooking surface with sides to hold liquids and can be tilted to pour out liquid
Tilting Skillet
Places food in direct contact with hot water vapor
Type of steam jacketed kettle that can be tilted to empty contents by burning a wheel or pulling a lever
Trunnion Kettle
Stacked ovens that have separate baking controls.
Deck ovens
Has a fan that circulates the eated air and allows you to cook foods in about 30% less time at at temperatures approximately 50 F lower than a conventional oven.
Convection Oven
A small gas or elecric broiler often attached to an open-burner range.
Uses infrared and visible light waves above and below the food cooking foods very quickly without losing flavor or moisture.
FlashBake Oven
Used to bake, poach, grill, roast, braise and steam foods
Combination Steamer/Oven
Cooks food quickly using steam but the steam does not come in direct contact with the food
Steam Jacket Kettle

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