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Anti-viral drugs 2


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What class does cidofir belong to?
Anti herpes virus. Nucleotide analog so doesn't need to be phosphorylated.
Cidofir mechanism of action?
High affinity for CMV DNA Pol and selectively inhibits CMV replication. Activated exclusively by host cells kinases. So it works against may strains that are resistant to GCV and ACV
Adverse effects of cidofir?
nephrotoxicity, neutropenia, acidosis
What kind of a drug is forscarnet?
Pyrophosphate analog: foscarnet. Not an antimetabolite, doesn’t requie phosphorylation for activity
How does foscarnet work?
Organic analog of inorganic pyrophosphate that binds selectively to Herpes virus DNA pol and inhibits viral replication. It also inhibits HIV RT
What are the uses of foscarnet?
Altenative for CMV retinitis, esp. GCV resistant, ACV resistant HSV and VZV
adverse effects of foscarnet?
nephrotoxicity (30%), and electrolyte disturbances, genitourinary ulcerations and CNS effects (headache, hallucinations and seizures)
What class of drugs is vidarbine?
Anti herpes, adenine analog. rapid inactivation and high toxicity.
toxicity of vidarbine?
GI, paresthesias, convulsions, tremor, hepatic dysfunction. Teratogenic in animals
what are some agents used in hepatitis infections? 4
IFN, ribavarin, lamivudine, adefovir
What are some broad-spectrum anti viral drugs?
Ribavirin, IFN alpha
How is IFN work?
cytokine acts through host cell surface receptors increases activity of JAKs à TF STATS to increase formation of anti viral proteins. IFNs are species-specific proteins. Virus infection induces its synthesis. It induces anti viral state in neighboring cells
mechansim for antiviral selectivity?
Anti-viral selectivity is due to activation of a host cell ribonuclease that preferentially degrades viral mRNA.
uses of IFN?
oChronic hep B and D
oChronic hep C, usually with oral ribavarin
oAdjuvants in HIV
oMelanoma, CML
toxicity of IFN?
flu-like symptoms, bone marrow suppression, hepatotoxicity, weight loss, psychiatric changes

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