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Subject Verb Agreement 2


undefined, object
copy deck
x of y
ex: percent, number fraction
x of y
follow number of y
Some of
Can be sing. or plural based on what it acts on
Some of the cookies ARE gone
Some of the cake IS gone
The Number of
A Number of
Such vs. Like
Like= Similarities
Additive phrase
Unites two singular subjects-plural, only and does this. These do not...
Along with
In addition to
as well as
accompanied by
together with
Wilfred and John ARE going to the beach
Wilfred, along with John, is going to the beach.
Disjunctive Phrases- Or, Either-Nor, Neither-Nor
find the subject neares to verb and make it agree in number.

Neither Wilfred not his friends are going to work.
Either his friends or Wilfred is going on a holiday.
Paul or GMAT members are allowed to attatch document to the forum.
Not Disjunctive, take singular verbs.
Singular Indefinite Pronouns
Everyone, Everybody, Everything, Anyone, Anybody, Anything, Someone, Somebody, Something, No one, Nobody, Nothing, Watever, Whoever, Neither, Either, Each, Every.
Each & Every
if they precede a noun-sungluar verb:
Each of the students is allowed to eat.
Every dog and cat has paws.

If they follow the subject, it has no bearing.

They each are good soccer players.
Some, Any, None, All, Most
Sing or Plural...
Depends on construction of the "of" phrase
Some of the marbles ARE missing.
Most of the students are tired.
None of my money is missing.
Majority, Minority, Plurality
When referring to many parts-plural
When referring to the totality itself-singular.

The majority of the members in the GMAT club are going to score more than 700 on the GMAT.
The students majority is opposed to the new grade classification.
Collective Nouns
Must decide if it refers to individual members or the group as a whole, then place verb accordingly.

The jury were stationed in the hotels around Chicago downtown.
Each of/One of + plural noun
verb following will agree if there is no relative pronoun following.

Each of the books REMINDS me of her.

Each of the books that REST on the table REMINDS me of her.
As long as
So long as
As long as deals with a physical comparison
The baseball bat was as long as the golf club

So long as deals with a condition.
So long as you maintain your cool, the meeting should be fine.
One Another
Each Other
One another used with more than 2 people.

They love one another

Each other used for two people
Eric and Jim love each other.

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