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gov cpt 3 voc


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principle by which the government is given the power to do only certain things
limited government
principle that the people hold the supreme power to govern
popular sovereignty
principle by which power is divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches
separation of power
principle in which each branch of government exercises a chech on the powers of the others
checks and balances
contrary to the constitution
principle of American government where courts have the power to decide if a law or executive action is constitutional
judicial review
freedom granted by law
civil rights
principle in the constitution that religion and government are to be kept seperate
seperation of church and state
reasonable grounds for suspicion based on evidence from a good source
probable cause-4th amendment
official document that describes in detail the place being searched, object sought, or person suspected of a crime
search warrant-4th amendment
request for a specific course of action
petition- 1st amendment
quarantee that a person may not be tried again for the same crime
double jeopardy-5th amandment
forcing a person accussed of a crime to testift against themself.
self-incrimination-5th amendment
idea that government must follow fair and lawful procedures in its dealings with individuals
due process of law-5th amendment
guarantee of money required to release a person under arrest from jail until trial
bail-8th amendment
special taxes paid as a qualification to vote
poll taxes
action based on prejudice
court rulings that serve as guidelines for making future decisions

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