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Music History Terms: Quiz 2


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Recitation Tone
a single pitch repeated in order to quickly communicate large quantites of test. Ex: "The Man of Chivalry" by Griffin
Roman de Favel
a satiral poem that contained 167 pieces of 13th and early 14th century music, some of which where motets. One motet was de Vitri's "Garit Gallus"
Magnus Liber Organum
book of chant mostly written by Leonin and Perotin, compiled by Leonin, containing many examples of chant, includes Mass for Christmas day by Leonin, Perotin, and others
parallel organum
organum in which the tenor and vox organis move in the same rhythm but in different pitches, ex. Alleuia "Justus ed Palma"
the lower voice of two-part organum which contains the oringal plainchant in often very long durations. ex. Leonin, Perotin, and others Alleuia Pascha Nostrum
vox organis
the upper voice in two-part organum that served as a commentary or gloss on the original chant. It is often melismatic. L&O, APN
device of alternating a melodic line rapidly between two voices, Amors mi font/en Mai/Flos Filius Eius
commentary to the original text of chant, which eventually turns into a second voice. Ex. Amors mi font adds two glosses to the original Latin chant
Ordinary mass uses the same text but different music for each mass: Kyrie from Mass for Christmas Day, Proper: text and music changes for each mass, L&O, APS
Divine Office
the prayers and rituals monks and nuns perform daily at certain hours of the day, Ex:?
the calendar that celebrates important days of Christ's life (the one that we use0: Kyrie from MoCD
calendar that celebrates certain saints, doesn't coincide with temporale, Alleuia Justis ed Palma,
clasulae that were taken out of context from the organum purum and then text was added, Amors mi font
a repeating pattern used most often in motets. Color refers to repeating pitches, and talea refers to repeating rhythms. They do not have to coincide, ex. Inviolata Genetrix, Machaut
Organum purum
tenor sings orginal plainchant in long duration while vox organis rhapsodically sings melismatic phrases on top of it. Alleuia Pascha Nostrum by Leonin and others
discant-style passasges that give rhythmic structure to melismatic portions of organum purum. APN
the compositional technique of setting a melismatic passage of organum purum to rhythm
Mass for Christmas Day
section: Kyrie
Composer: Anonymous
Date: 13th Century
Genre: Mass
Victimae Paschali Laudus
section: na
Composer: na
Date: 11th century
Genre: mass
Amors mi font/en Mai/Flos Filius Eius
section: na
composer: Anonymous 4
Date: 13th Century
Genre: motet
Mass of Notre Dame
section: Agnes Dei
Composer: Machaut
date: 1360
Genre: mass
Inviolata Genetrix
section: na
Composer: Machaut
Date: 1350s
Genre: motet
Alleluia Justus ed Palma
section: na
composer: na
date: 1100
Genre: mass
Alleuia Pascha Nostrum
section: na
Composer: Leonin, Perotin, and others
Date: ca. 1100
Genre: mass

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