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vocab 1-35 '06


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To relinquish or give away (power or responsibility) formally
Abeyance (N.)
temporarily inactivity or suuspension for a period of time
To detest thouroughly; abhor
to pronounce clear of guilt.
to give one a clean state
1. to be in agreement, unity or harmony
2. To grant, especially as being due
The science of sound, of or relating to sound.
MUSICAL refering to an instrument that does not need an ampilfier
a judgement that a person is not guilty
To make impure

etymology: aduterae-to pollute
one who only believes proven things;one who relies on proof to understand if god exists

gnostic-gnosis-greek for knowledge
To assert without or before proof
a mixture of solid metals, something added that lowers the value or purity
of or relating to alluvium. Aluvium: soil land deposited by a river or other runny water. the structure formed is called an Alluvial deposit

etymology: alleure-to wash against
to meander or slowly walk, leisurly walk.
similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy
Extremely old and antiquated.
2. Bible: occuring or belonging to the era before the flood

latin ante-before diluvian-flood
1. a decline viewed in disappointing contrast with a previous rise :the anticlimax of a brilliant career
2. something trivial or commonplace that concludes a series of significant events
1. a strong feeling of aversian or repugnace
2. an object of aversian
1. direct contras; exact opposite
2. a figure of speech in which sharply contrasting ideas in a parallel phrase or grmatical structure
opposite of sympathetic, uniterested. Feeling or showing little or no emotion, unresponsive
Append (V.) add as a supplement or appendix
2. to fix or attach

Etymology: apendere- to hang upon
Arbiter (N.)
1.One chosen or apointed to judge or decide a disputed issue
2.One who has the power to judge or ordain at will
Archaic (Adj.)
1.Of or relating to, ot characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period
2. No longer current or applicable
3. of or relating to, or characterisict of words that were once in regular but are now rare and suggestive of an earlier style
Askance (Adv.)
1.Wish disapproval, or distrust
2.wish a sideways glance; obliquely
Aspiration (Adj.)
1. expulsion of breathe in speech
2. the pronounciation of a consonant with an aspirate
Asteroid (N.)
Any numerous celestial bodies that revolve around the sun
Astute (Adj.)
Having or showing shrewdnessor decernment, especially with respect to ones own concerns
Atrocity (N.)
1. appaling or attrocious behavior
Autonomous (Adj.)
1. independent in mind or judgement; self directed
2.independent of the laws of another state or govenment

Balk (V.)
1.To stop short and refuse to go on refuse obstinately or abruptly
Balmy (Adj.)
mild and pleasant;soothing

-a balmy breeze
Bate (V.)
1. To lessen the force or intensity of
2. To take away
Bedizen (V.)
To ornament or dress in a showy or gaudy manner
Benighted (Adj.)
1.Overtaken by night or darkness
2. Being in a state of moral or intelectual darkness
Benign (Adj.)
1. Of a kind and gentledisposition
2. Tending to exert a beneficial influence
3. Having little or no detrimental effect
4. MEDICINE: of or no danger to health
Besmirch (V.)
1.To stain; sully
2. To make dirty; soil

--A reputation that was besmirched

smir=to make dirty or stained

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