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A cell is th basic unit of structure and basic unit of structure in an organism
all liveing things have
Cellular organization
Contain simular chemicals
use energy grow and devolp
resond to their surrounding
the ability to clearly distinguish the indevidual parts of an object
is the ability to make things look larger than the seem
cell theory
a widely acceped explaination of the relationship between cells and all living things
the cell theory states:
1. All living things are composed of cells .
2.Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in all living things.
3. All cells are are produced from other cells
Rudolf Virchow
proposed that new cells are formed only from existing cells "all cells come from cells"
compound microscope
A light microscope that has more than one lens
is an instrument that makes small objects looks larger
microscope made it possible
for people to and learn and discover cells
is the process of of change that occers during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism
organisms are composed of many cells
single celled organisms, include the most numerous organisms on Earth
Living Things
convex lens
a lens with a curved shape.
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
observed tiny organismswith microscopes. he saw one celled organisms, which he called called animalcules- meaning little animals. ALso the first person to see the tiny singled celled organisms called bacteria.
Mattias Schleiden
Concluded that all plant s are made of cells
Theodor Schwann
Conduded that all animals are made of cells
Robert Hooke
He is one of the first people to observe cells. In 1663 he observed the structure of a thin slice of cork.
A change in an organism's surrounding that causes the organism to react
An action or change in behavoir
produce offspring that are simular to the parents
Spontaneous Generation
The mistaken idea that living things arise fom nonliveing souces.
Contolled Experiment
A Scientist carries out two tests that are idendical in every respect except for one factor.
Francesco Redi
He Designed a controlled experiment to show that flies do not spontaneouly arise4 from decaying meat involveing meat
Louis Pasteur
He Finally Designed some controlled experiments that finnally disproved spontanious generation involeing broth
Basic needs of living things
Living space
Stable Internal conditions
Organisms that make thier own food
Organisms that cannot make their own food
The maintenance of stable interal conditions despite changes in the surroundings
Tiny cell stuctures that carry out specific functions within a cell
a sack that is the storege of a cell
are small round structures that containchemicals that break down large food particles into smaller ones
organisms whose cells lack a nuclues
Organisms whose cells contian a nuclues and many of the organelles
nerve cells
carry mesages through out the body

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