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Intro to Music: Chapter 1


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the musical term for the quality of "highness" or "lowness" of sound. The wave's length.
the rate of sound vibration
how is frequency measured?
in cycles per second
the level of strength of sound vibrations, theamount of energy they contain and convey
How is amplitude measured?
in decibels
the volume of sound, the loudness or softness of a musical passage.
name the 6 levels of dynamics
pp- pianisimo (very soft)
p- piano (soft)
mp- mezzo piano (medium soft)
mf- mezzo forte (medium loud)
f- forte (loud)
ff- fortissimo (very loud)
Tone color
or timbre are the terms for quality of music and sound
(partials in science) fractional vibrations, a secondary vibration in a sound producing body, which contibutes to the tone color
give examples of words that are used to describe tone color.
bright, warm, ringing, hollow, or brassy
the length of time we hear sound in minutes, seconds, or microseconds
the aspect of music having to do with the duration of notes in time

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