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6th Gr. Unit 1 (partial)


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Study "Seasons of the Northern Hemisphere" on p. 13.
Where do the direct rays of the sun fall when the Northern Hemisphere has summer? Winter?
What does human-environment interaction reveal?
Human-environment interaction reveals how people and the evironment affect each other.
Describe the difference in weather and climate.
Weather - day to day changes in the air.
Climate - average weather over a long period of time.
What limits the usefulness of globes?
Globes cannot be large enough to show details and still be small enough to be convenient.
Why does energy create many problems as a natural resource?
Energy resources are not spread evenly around the world.
How does the atmosphere provide for continuing life on the earth?
The atmosphere provides oxygen for humans and animals and carbon dioxide for plants.
What two things are necessary to find the absolute location of a place?
latitude and longitude
Name three physical processes that occur inside the earth.
volcanoes, shifting plates, and earthquakes
What causes night and day?
One rotation of the earth on its axis causes night and day.
Describe the difference in recyclable resources and renewable resources.
Recyclable - resources are recycled by nature without help from man.
Renewable - Can be replaced.
What good is a compass rose on a map?
It shows cardinal directions.
Name the five major types of climate regions.
tropical, dry, moderate, continental, polar
Which climate region has the most vegetation?
tropical (think Tarzan; think tropical rain forest)
What do winds and water do to protect the earth?
Wind and water keep the earth from overheating due to the effects of the sun.

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