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Human adaptations-Science-4th


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A physical adaptations that helps people stand upright.
Wide hipbones
Having depth vision helps us: read, judge distances, or think
Judge distances
An animal that has a thumb like the human thumb is the: monkey, raccoon, prairie dog
________ developed as a result of the human brain: curved back, inborn behavior, language
_________ is a behavioral adaptation of humans: making tools, driving, run from danger
Running from danger
The only animals that have developed spoken language with grammar: apes, humans, dolphins
Long ago, traditions were passed on through: speech, writing, sign language
_________ is an example of human behavior that is learned: fear, neatness, crying
Humans wear clothes to keep them warm is: behavior or physical adaptation?
Humans have fat in their bodies to keep them warm is: behavior or physical adaptation?
Name 3 forms of written communication.
Name 3 forms of communicating without writing or speaking.
Dancing, painting, singing
A fish has eyes on each side of his head. Why is this good?
A fish can see a wide area around him.
This helps people keep their balance when they walk.
Humans are the only animals that have arches in their feet.

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