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Food Safety and HACCP


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What are the 4 groups of "high risk" individuals that are growing?
A 5-point plan to strengthen and improve food safety for American people is called ____
National Food Safety Initiative - January 1997
Name the 5 points
Improve inspections and expand preventative safety measure ie HACCP, Focus research on enhanced pathogen detection, develop early warning systems to detect and respond to foodborne outbreaks, enhance consumer food safety awareness, strengthen coordinations and improve efficiency between USDA, FDA, CDC and EPA
What is FoodNet?
A collabortive project for active surveillance for foodborne diseases.
What is Pulse Net?
A national network of Public Health agencies that work to "fingerprint" different strains of disease for rapid identification.
What is the pathogen most frequently associated with diarrheal disease?
What does HACCP stand for?
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Who created the HACCP program and for what?
the US army and NASA created it for the space program.
What is the definition of HACCP?
a systematic approach to the indenfication, evaluation and control of food safety hazards.
What are the 7 steps of a HACCP plan?
1) Conduct a hazard analysis (is it microbiological-> widespread or physical-> isolated)

2) Determine the Critical Control Points (eg steps where hazards can be reduced ie speed of conveyor belt

3) Establish Critical Limits

4) Establish monitoring procedures

5) Establish corrective action

6) Establish verification process

7) Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures

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