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Anatomy Muscles 50-75


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Medial Pterygoid action
Synergist of temporalis and masseter muscles in elevation of the mandible; acts with the lateral pterygoid muscle to promote side-to-side grinding movements
Medial Pterygoid innervation
Trigeminal nerve
Masseter origin and insertion
origin: Zygomatic arch; insertion: Angle and ramus of mandible
Temporalis action
Closes jaw; elevates and retracts mandible; maintains position of the mandible at rest
Temporalis innervation
Trigeminal nerve
Platysma origin and insertion
origin: Fascia of chest (over pectoral muscles and deltoid); insertion: Lower margin of mandible and skin and muscle at corner of mouth
Masseter action
Prime mover of jaw closure; elevates mandible
Masseter innervation
Trigeminal nerve
Buccinator origin and insertion
origin: Molar region of maxilla and mandible; insertion: Orbicularis oris
Platysma action
Helps depress mandible; pulls lower lip back and down, i.e., produces downward sag of mouth; tenses skin of neck (e.g., during shaving)
Platysma innervation
Facial nerve
Mentalis origin and insertion
origin: Mandible below incisors; insertion: Skin of chin
Buccinator action
Draws corner of mouth laterally; compresses cheek (as in whistling and sucking); holds food between teeth during chewing; well developed during nursing infants
Buccinator innervation
Facial nerve
Orbicularis Oris origin and insertion
origin: Arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible; fibers blended with fibers of other facial muscles associated with the lips; insertion: Encircles mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at angles of mouth
Mentalis action
Protrudes lower lip; wrinkles chin
Mentalis innervation
Facial nerve
Depressor Anguli Oris origin and insertion
origin: Body of mandible below incisors; insertion: Skin and muscle at angle of mouth below insertion of zygomaticus
Orbicularis Oris action
Closes lips; purses and protrudes lips (kissing muscle)
Orbicularis Oris innervation
Facial nerve
Depressor Labii Inferioris origin and insertion
origin: Body of mandible lateral to its midline; insertion: Skin and muscle of lower lip
Depressor Anguli Oris action
Zygomaticus antagonist; draws corners of mouth downward and laterally (as in a “tragedy mask” grimace)
Depressor Anguli Oris innervation
Facial nerve
Levator Labii Superioris origin and insertion
origin: Zygomatic bone and infraorbital margin of maxilla; insertion: Skin and muscle of upper lip
Depressor Labii Inferioris action
Draws lower lip downward (as in a pout)

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