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US Constitution 2


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Article 1
Legislative Branch
Article 2
Executive Branch
Article 3
Judicial Branch
Article 4
Relation of the States to Each Other
Article 5
Article 6
General Provisions
Article 7
Amendment 1
Freedom of religion, speech, pres, assembly, and petition
A 2
Right to keep arms
A 3
Quartering of soldiers
A 4
Search and Seizure; Warrants
A 5
Rights of Persons Accused of Crime
A 6
Right to a Speedy Trial
A 7
Jury Trial in Civil Cases
A 8
Excessive Bail or Punishments
A 9
Powers reserved to the people
A 10
Powers reserved to the states
A 11
Suits against states
A 12
Election of President and VP
A 13
Abolishment of Slavery
A 14
Rights of Citizens
A 15
Right of Suffrage
A 16
Taxes on Income
A 17
Electin of Senators
A 18
National Prohibition
A 19
Women's Suffrage
A 20
"Lame Duck"
A 21
National Prohibition Repealed
A 22
Two-term limit for presidents
A 23
Presidential Electors for District of Columbia
A 24
Prohibition of Poll Taxes fo rNational Elections
A 25
Presidential Succession
A 26
Voting Age lowered to 18
A 27
Congresional pay raise

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