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Human Development- Ch1 and 2


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What is human development?
the scientific study of processes of change and stability throughout the human life span.
Name 6 disciplines involved in the stufy of human development.
psychology, psychiatry, biology, education, medicine, anthropology
What are 4 major goals of the study of human development?
description, explanation, prediction, modification.
what are three domains?
Physical development, Cognitive development, psychosocial development.
What are the 8 periods of human development?
Prenatal, infancy/toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, late adulthood.
Name the 4 Contextual Influences on development.
Family, Socioeconomic Status (SES), culture and ethnicity, the historical context.
What are the 6 principles of the life span developmental approach?
development is life long, development is modifiable, development involves both gains and losses, Relative influences of biology and culture shift over a life span, Development involves changing allocation of resources, Development is influenced by the historical and cultural context.
What purpose do theories serve?
to describe and explain development and to predict what kinds of behaviors will occur under certain circumstances.
What are 3 basic theoretical issues on which scientists differ?
whether environment or heredity is is more important, whether development is continuous or occurs in stages, whether development is passive or active.
What are 5 theoretical Perspectives of Human Development?
what is the chief focus of the psychoanalytic perspective?
Development as shaped by unconscious forces that motivate human behavior.

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