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1st and 2nd Declension endings


undefined, object
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masculine nominative singular
masculine genitive singular
masculine dative singular
masculine accusative singular
masculine ablative singular
masculine vocative singular
feminine nominative singular
feminine genitive singular
feminine dative singular
feminine accusative singular
feminine ablative singular
feminine vocative singular
neuter nominative singular
neuter genitive singular
neuter dative singular
neuter accusative singular
neuter ablative singular
neuter vocative singular
masculine nominative plural
masculine genitive plural
masculine dative plural
masculine accusative plural
masculine ablative plural
masculine vocative plural
feminine nominative plural
feminine genitive plural
feminine dative plural
feminine accusative plural
feminine ablative plural
feminine vocative plural
neuter nominative plural
neuter genitive plural
neuter dative plural
neuter accusative plural
neuter ablative plural
neuter vocative plural

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