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how long does it take to open or close ballistic doors?
28 seconds
what is consequence management?
interagency services and emergency response force actions essential to mitigate and recover from damage, loss, hardship or suffering resulting from disasters or catastrophes, either man-made or natural
what are offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terroism?
what are measures taken to anticipate, prevent, resolve, and/or contain a terrorist threat or incident?
crisis management
what is a designated point close to an incident where crisis management forces will rendezvous and establish control capability before initiating a tactial reaction?
incident control point (ICP)
what is the term for a document that specifies actions and responsibilities to be performed by the provider and receiver, but only in general terms?
memorandum of understading (MOU)
what are random, multiple sercurity measures that when activated, serve to disguise the actual security procedures in effect and deny the terrorist surveillance team the opportunity to accurately predict security actions?
random antiterrism measures (RAM)
what does the primary sound-powered circuits includes?
all circuits necessary for controlling
3)damage control
what is the dimensions of the AFFF handline on the P-25?
100FT long
1-1/2 inch hose
how is line made?
yarn makes strands, strands ,makes lines
what is small stuff?
line less than 1-3/4inch in circumference
what lines come in random lengths and are use to secure equipment such as an A/C to a dolly and a dolly to the flight deck during jettison OPS?
securing lines
what is the tensile strength required by the navy for wire rope?
220,000LBS per square inch
what is the breaking strength for manila rope?
BS=C2 x 900
what is the breaking strength for nylon rope?
BS=C2 x 2400
what is the breaking strength for wire rope?
BS=C2 x 8000
what is the formula to find the safe working load on new ropes?
what is the formula to find the safe working load on good rope?
what is the formula to find the safe working load on frequently used rope?
how much halon is available on the P-4 vehicle?
4 30LB portable bottles
who is ultimately responsible for the FOD program?
the commanding officer
how do O and I level maintenance activies report all FOD?
according to existing 3-M maintenance data system (MDS) procedures
how do depot activities report FOD?
according to depot maintenance data collection system (DMDCS) procedures
which article charges all persons within the naval service to obey readily and strictly, and to execute promptly, lawful orders of their superiors?
article 1122
what article of the standard organization and regulations of the united states navy (SORN) list general responsiblities and duties of all officers and petty officers in the navy?
article 141.4
what is the hose configuration for the T-3000 Oshkosh fire-fighting vehicle?
150FT hose
what is the discharge rate of the handline hose on the T-3000?
what is the discharge rate of the roof turret on th e T-3000?
what propels the MEPP?
a 3cylinder
2 stroke diesel engine
where are aircraft spotted when extremely heavy weather is anticipated?
1)on the hanger deck
2)fore and aft on the flight deck as far from deck edge and fantail and no further foward of the bow catapult JBD
who has overall responsibility for the integrity watch aboard the ship?
the air officer
what is the flashpoint of grade JP-8 jet fuel?
how many pounds of Halon1211 is contained in the Halon1211 portable fire extinguisher?
what portable CO2 extinguishers are available for use aboard aircraft carriers?
15LBS capacity extinguishers
how many hoses are there on the T-3000 fire truck?

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