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If flight personnel exceed the 18 hour rule how much off duty time shall be provided?
15 Hours
(Circadian Rhythm) How many days off/ Accommodation period, should be allowed for every time zone over three?
1 Day
How many hours of rest shuld be given following participation of rigerous physical sports activity?
12 Hours
Alcohol is prohibited how many hours prior to flight planning?
Caffeine intake should be limited to how many cups/mg A day?
4 Cups/450mg
Aircrew shall not fly for how long following general, epidural or spinal anisthetic?
48 hours
Aircrew shall be grounded for how long after dental injections?
24 hours
Aircrew are grounded when pregnant at what point?
When first suspected of being pregnant. A flight surgeon may clear a member to fly until the 3rd trimester. (Read this question carefully!)
ow long are aircrew down for immunizations or injections?
12 Hours
How long shall flight personnel be grounded when donating blood on board a ship?
4 weeks
How long shall flight personnel be grounded when donating blood on shore?
4 days
Flight personnel are down for how many hours following pressure chamber flight?
12 hours
How long shall aircrew not participate in a low pressure chamber flight following scuba diving or high pressure chamber flight?
24 hours
Aircrew may fly within how many hours of scuba diving if urgent operational requirement dictates?
12 Hours
Following 9D5 (Helo Dunker) Flight duties are prohibited for how long?
12 Hours
Following simulator sickness, aircrew should not fly for hour long?
12 Hours
Ejection seat renewal and flight physicals may be done how many days preceeding current eval expiration?
60 Days
Flight personnel shall cunduct physiology and swim requal after not flying in a crew position for how many months?
18 Months
Aircrew receiving R 1-3 swims OUTCONUS shall complete remaining training within how many days of returning to CONUS?
90 Days
Cirricula Code for Jet refresher training?
R-1 RP-1
Cirricula Code for Prop Refresher training?
R-2 RP-2
Cirricula Code for Helo Refresher Training?
R-3 RP-3
How many days, Once receiving a cq in any are of LPNV and swim does an aircrewman have to qualify before receiving an Unqualified grade?
90 Days
What is the name of permanent flight orders?
What is the minimum passing score for a natops Open Book?
What is the minimum passing score for a natops Closed Book?
How long does an aircrewman have from comencement of initial ground eval to completion of the flight eval
60 Days
An aircrewman has how any days to complete a re-evaluation once receiving a UQ on any portion of the ground or flight eval?
30 Days
Flight Scheduleds are kept in operations for how many months?
How old does a person have to be to be counted as a passenger on the manifest and given a seat and safety belt?
2 Years Old
What is the designation of the NAVAL AIRCRAFT FLIGHT RECORD/NAVFLIR?
OPNAV 3710/4
When are the master flight files supposed to be submitted to the archives?
When an Activity decommissions or August 31st
How many officers make up the EFOAB?
3 Officers

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