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Phrases - 2nd grade


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whenever he wants to
mother says we have some
the doctor went outside
flowers in the meadow
by the big green car
washing with the soap
noisy animals at the zoo
big red barn
on the way to the library
in the bottom drawer
two dimes and a nickel
in the country
Once upon a time
Where will we
in the very end
the kitten in the snow
a yellow van parked
here is the blue bag
What do they need to
the man with the monkey
once in a while
when we go
why is that
how long will it
don't have any
we need to
could use it
did you get
when will she
he got some
see the red doghouse
how could you
they got more
he has some
trucks drove by
what will it be
happily ever after
never again
have you ever
in a week
on your face
should you run
when you wish
in your hat
yellow bus stopped
where did the
why not
big orange box
in a small town
it is missing

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