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Beginner's French Chapter 2


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French: a coffee/ a café
un café
French: a tea
un thé
French: a cocal cola
un coca-cola
French: a franc
un franc
French: a newspaper
un journal
French: a map, plan
un plan
French: a French stick
une baguette
French: a beer
une bière
French: a room
une chamber
French: a pharmacy
une pharmacie
French: a gas station
une station-service
French: the stamp
le timbre
French: the postcard
la carte postale
French: the station
la gare
French: the hotel
French: the hospital
French: the mineral water
l’eau minérale
French: the bill
l’addition (f)
French: the toilets
les toilettes
French: I would like
je voudrais
French: do you have⬦?
French: this/that
French: some bread
du pain
French: some wine
du vin
French: some lemonade
de la limonade
French: some asprines
de l’asprine
French: some sandwiches
des sandwiches
French: how much is it?
c’est combien?
French: a kilo
un kilo
French: half a kilo
un demi-kilo
French: one pack
un paquet
French: a bottle
un bouteille
French: one box
une boîte
French: closed
French: i don’t have any
je n’en-ai pas
French: will that be all
avec ça?
French: is that all?
c’est tout?

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