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Level Two Sogang Grammar Part 1


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-(으)ㄴ 다음에
Non-final clause to express doing an action after completing a previous action.
Non-final clause to express the purpose of an action.
-고 있다
Final clause to express an action in progress or repeated actions.
(으)ㄹ 때
Non-final clause to express the time of an action's occurence. ("when" "while")
-기 전에
Non-final clause to express an action that occurs before another action.
Non-final clause to 1) express reason/cause, or 2) express one action following another.
Non-final clause expressing condition or supposition.
(으)ㄹ 까요?
Final clause meaning 1) "shall we...?" or 2) eliciting a guess from the listener.
(으)ㄹ 거예요
Final clause expressing 1) simple future tense or 2) a likely future outcome.
Usually non-final clause expressing reason or cause.
(으)ㅂ 시다
Final clause to express a suggestion or propostion. "Let's..."
-는 것

먹는 것
Used to change a verb to a nominal form.
-기로 하다
Final clause to express an appointment or promise to do something.
(-아/어/여)도 되다
Final clause expressing permission to do something.
(으)면 안 되다
Final clause expressing refual of permission/ prohibition.
Final clause that is used to make a phrase sound softer or more polite.
1. 이
2. 그
3. 젬
1. this (near me)
2. that (near you)
3. that (not near either of us)
-다고 하다
Final clause to show reported (quoted) speech of a declarative sentence.
-ê² -

Inserted particle to express the speaker's intention to do something.
"intend to do"
(-아/어/여) 주시겠어요?
Final clause used to make a polite request of the listener to do something.

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