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Army Programs 2


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What Army Programs can offer an interest-free loan or grant to families in unexpected emergency financial situations?
Army Emergency Relief (AER)
Who is eligible to us AER?
All active duty and retired personnel and their families.
Where should active duty soldiers seeking AER assistance begin?
The unit commander
Which Army program can aid military families experiencing stress and possible domestic violence?
The Army Family Advocacy Program
Which Army Program provides information, referral, advocacy, and support services for those military famalies with handicapped family members?
The Exceptional Famely Member Program
Where can a soldier go to obtain a power of attorney?
The Legal Assistance Office
What Army program assists individuals being separated from government service to integrate into civilian life?
The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)
What does the acronym "DEERS" stand for and what is its purpose?
The Defense Enrolled Eligibility Reporting System is designed to identify eligible military dependents and is used to secure identification cards for them.
What Army program is available to assist soldiers with drug and/or alcohol dependency?
The Army Alcohol and Drug Prevention Control Program (ADAPCP)
Where should a soldier seeking assistance from ADAPCP go to obtain help?
Community Counseling Center
What are some of the services the Red Cross provides?
a. Disaster assistance
b. Emergency financial assistance
c. Emergency communications between soldiers and their families
d. Reporting service for emergency leave purposes
e. Counseling for personal and family problems
Where would an individual seeking training/certification in CPR go for assistance?
The American Red Cross
Name six Army programs available to military dependents and retired personnel
TRICARE, Army Community Service (ACS), Red Cross, Army Emergency Relief (AER), Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities (MWR)
Where can a soldier go to receive free tax preparation?
The unit tax advisor or the ACS office
Where can a soldier obtain information about volunteer opportunity on the installation?
The Community Life Center
Where would a soldier go for marriage enrichment seminars?
The Family Life Center (see unit Chaplain)

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