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where do extracel enzymes act?
When do we study them?
When decreased
What are a couple extracell enzymes?
blood coag enzymes
Where do intracel enzymes act?
When do we study them?
in tissues/organs; when tissues are damaged
what are 2 intracell enzyme types?
what will happen to secreted levels if tissues are damaged?
Decrease - tissues cant make them
what will happen to metabolic enzymes if tissues are damaged?
increase - spill out of tissues
what are some secreted enzymes?
what are some metabolic enzymes?
5 physical properties that allow seperation of isoenzymes:
1. affinity to subst/cofactor
2. inhibition by specf agents
3. Heat stability/charge
4. biochemical composition
5. structure/subunits
2 causes of MI
-Plaque blockage of coronary artery
-Plaque rupture, clot formed
3 criteria for WHO MI diagnosis
1. Chest pain
2. ECG abnormal
3. Serial enzymes
Which criteria is most spcf/sensitive for labs?
1. Serial markers
2. ECG
3. Pain
on the ECG which wave is altered in MI?
ST wave elevation
What are cardiac markers?
Current: Myoglobin, CKMB, Trp
When does CK peak after MI?
What is used in conjuncion?
Peak CK at 24 hrs; elevates faster than LD, but LD stays high until 48 hrs.
What is the earliest current cardiac marker that elevates?
Myoglobin (6 hrs peak)
What is used with Myoglobin to evaluate MI?
CK-MB; peak at 24 hrs
TnI or TnT; peak at 24, but remain elevated past 48 hrs.
What type of troponin is a cardiac marker?
cTnI or cTnT - cardiac specific forms.
what is homocystein, and what do high levels mean?
protein metabolism product; indicates CVD risk independent of smoking or high cholesterol levels.
What is hs-CRP?
hi-sensitivity C-reactive protein
How does hs-CRP affect CVD diagnosis?
detects levels within the normal range, as opposed to highly elevated. Allows prediction of future CV event.

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